Riots Spread Nationwide, as USA’s Second Civil War Escalates out of Minnesota’s Fake News Anti-white Incitement (Reminder of Rampant Black-on-White Crime, in Minnesota and Beyond)

Puppet protesters are currently rioting throughout the twin cities area of Minnesota—and now throughout the USA—while pretending to fight against “racism” and “police brutality.” As usual, the media are enemies of truth, and are inciting violence by encouraging these riots to continue by calling them “protests.” And as usual, the riots are predicated on absolute fraud.

In the real world, Minnesota is just like anywhere else in the country: the vast majority of interracial violence is black-on-white.

Following are two stories to remind how willfully blind are the kinds of leftist media pets who are addicted to pretending that the 2020 Minnesota riots are “protests” against “widespread racism.”

As always, when reading these two stories of relatively ignored black-on-white violence in Minnesota—just imagine if the races were reversed. Imagine the difference in the news titles, and the difference in the nation coverage and the national response—if these stories were not black-on-white crime but rather white-on-black.

(1) HEADLINE: “Eagan [Minnesota] couple lived together, died together in hit-and-run incident” (2018)

STORY: Black man Jonna Kojo Armartey intentionally struck and killed white couple with his car, because they “freaked him out.”

SOURCE: Pioneer Press (

(2) HEADLINE: 5-Year-Old Boy Thrown From Mall of America Balcony Is Walking Again (2019)

STORY, as reported in the New York Times:

“The boy was thrown from an upper floor in April by a stranger who was angry about being rejected by women, officials said.”

“When a stranger threw a 5-year-old boy from the Mall of America’s third-floor balcony in April, the boy fell nearly 40 feet, broke both his arms and a leg, and fractured his face and skull.”



The actual story:

In April, 2019, a 25-year-old black man named Emmanuel Aranda threw a white 5-year-old named Landen over the railing of the third floor at Mall of American in Bloomington, Minnesota.


The Mall of America, where last year “a stranger” was “angry about rejection” (i.e. where a black man tried to murder a white child)—it is the same Mall of America that black (and white) cowards and puppets are now looting in “protest” over the fraud surrounding violent criminal George Floyd, the current fake “gentle giant” of leftist Satanists. To review: in 2007, a Texas court caged Floyd for holding a gun to a woman’s stomach while he robbed her. Now imagine how that woman feels about all these Satanic leftists pretending reverence for violent, dead degenerate George Floyd.

This is a war. In Minnesota or anywhere else, if rioters hurt you, damage your property, or hurt—or kill—someone you care about: know that one of your enemies is the media, who are inciting these riots by their dishonest reporting, and encouraging these riots by calling them “protests.” Ten minutes ago (May 29, 2020) fake news CNN reported that “George Floyd protests spread nationwide.” These are not protests: they are riots. CNN is not news—they are an enemy. God willing, that enemy will be eaten alive by its own minions.

Remember: if a rioter is risking your health and safety with weapons that can seriously injure or kill you or another person—then you are legally entitled to use lethal force against that rioter and anyone aiding them.

Remember also: these kinds of deadly situations are exactly why anti-gun traitors want to disarm you. Anti-gun radicals are enemies of freedom. And that is all that they will be, until the end of USA’s second civil war.

My advice to everyone during this second civil war: “white flight” (race-neutral) to a state in the nation that has not betrayed its citizens by removing their second-amendment right to arm themselves.

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