Reminder: The People Whom USA Constantly Oppresses—They Are Welcome to Emigrate to the United Utopia of Wakanda (UUW)

In Wakanda (i.e. Mommy Africa), they love the kind of mob justice happening in Minnesota and, now, around the country. Wakanda’s primitive societies also have widespread slavery—so these well-fed U.S. frauds can go live like kings, reigning over slaves in the paradise utopia of Wakanda.

No need to stick around in the USA—it’s a racist hell-hole! Go live in the paradise of Wakanda. And with your 80-point IQs, you can all jump right into society as elite Wakandan scholars, and study all the famous Wakandan sciences—like how to boil the limbs of albino children into a magic stew, or how to cure AIDS by raping infants.

Let’s start a dialog, frauds.

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