Reminder: The COVID Scam is an Act of War, Against Us, by Traitors in the Government

target work boots,  minneapolis riots.jpg

Reminder: The COVID Scam is an Act of War, Against Us, by Traitors in the Government

This picture plays on the old “blacks don’t want to work” so-called joke.

So the “joke” is that “the black looters didn’t steal the work-boots, because they don’t want to work.”

Meanwhile, remember the context of this “joke.” No—no the riots. Remember before this George Floyd fraud and the riots? Remember how traitors in the United States government outlawed work throughout the nation?

And in case you did not know: George Floyd had a job before the government’s tyranny of outlawing work. And George Floyd would have been less likely to be passing around counterfeit 20’s, if the government had not stolen his job—and
millions of others—as a tyrannical planned-reaction to this COVID scam.

But in case you just joined us—that is exactly what illegal immigration and minimum-wage laws do: steal jobs. Plutocrats use illegals to implode wage-values of the slave class. And if all else fails, minimum-wage laws do nothing—at all—besides invent unnatural unemployment, which is nothing except the creation of even-more-desperate slaves.

So remember:

Yes, the rioters in Minneapolis and beyond are frauds, and they are puppets.

Yes, the looting is not George Floyd—at all.

But also remember: this COVID scam is nothing—at all—beside a nationwide, indeed a worldwide looting—by government and the their corporate overlords. And millions are being murdered by government’s COVID scam reaction—right now. Trump and so many of the rest are traitors. And we are at war.

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