Let’s Start a Dialog on Race, Between Whites and Wakandans—I’ll Go First (Response and Rebuttal Included)

(1) Russ Comment
(2) Wakandan Response
(3) Russ Rebuttal

(1) RUSS COMMENT, on a video playing up this George Floyd Fraud:

“For those who want to know what is actually going on in Minnesota: 2019 in Bloomington, MN, a 25-year-old black man named Emmanuel Aranda threw a 5-year-old white kid off the third-story balcony of Mall of America. 2018 in Eagan, MN, a black man named Jonna Kojo Armartey intentionally ran over Roger and Diane Peterson—two white people—in his car and killed them, because “they freaked me out.” Neither of those stories got much news—and the races were not mentioned at all. And, as always: Just imagine if the races were reversed. There are many more stories like that too. Minnesota is just like nearly everywhere else in the USA: rampant black-on-white violence, that is either ignored, downplayed, or justified because of ‘racism’ and ‘slavery’ etc. Meanwhile, Minnesota is absolutely infested with cowardly, self-hating white people who have accepted the leftist anti-white social indoctrination that it is ‘racist’ to notice—much less call out—rampant black-on-white violence and rampant black crime in general.”


“It still doesn’t add up to all the slaves that were killed and all the blacks imprisons unjustly and all the blacks killed by cops now add that up and I could go on and on and on.”


Ok clown. Go on.

And be sure to add up that it was a small fraction of whites that owned slaves in the American colonies.

Then add the thousands of blacks who owned slaves in the American colonies.

Add all the Africans slave-owners who traded their black slaves to Arabs and Jews in the first place.

Add the rampant slavery in Africa today.

And for media pets like you, who know every white-on-black media scam (and still stack the myths together even after they are debunked): when do you suppose that media started ignoring rampant black-on-white crime while playing up every single accusation of white-on-black anything? You think it started this year? Or this decade?

Meanwhile, to say the least: far more blacks have killed other blacks in the USA, without even factoring abortion. Then once you factor abortion—it is not close at all. And far more blacks have begged and snuck over to the USA than were ever brought as slaves. And for more than a century, blacks have been free to leave the USA and go back to mommy Africa Wakanda—and few have.

Myth Checklist Review:
(1) If slavery had been about race, then thousands of blacks would not have owned slaves in the American colonies;
(2) If blacks are so morally superior, then there would not be rampant black-on-black slavery in Africa today;
(3) If USA were so terrible, then far more blacks would have left as soon as they could;
(4) If USA were so terrible, then far fewer than millions and millions of blacks would beg and sneak to come to the USA;
(5) If black lives mattered to these rioting frauds (and their puppeteers)—then they would have something more than nothing to say about the social cannibalism going on at government’s nationwide genocide program—Prevented Parenthood.

Here is the end of it: cowardly, delusional, anti-white, racist blacks deserve all the social cannibalism that they are now inflicting on each other—and they will deserve it at least until they stop believing and repeating the anti-white fantasies (like the ones you mentioned) sold to them by white (and black) leftists to keep them proudly angry, stunningly stupid, and completely controlled.

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