Justice, Jeremiah Ellison Style

Today, Minneapolis City Councilman Jeremiah Ellison sat down for an interview with our anti-white Zionist-controlled media. In the interview, Ellison pretended not to be a mindless anti-white savage with an IQ in the 80s—as he soulfully and charismatically talked about the importance of socially cannibalizing innocent white people, as justice for white-on-black media scams. Based on that interview, here are the steps to justice, Jeremiah Ellison style:

Step 1: Pretend you are interested in a trial for the officer(s) involved in the death of George Floyd.

Step 2: Name Philando Castile as part of your evidence of supposed ongoing injustice.

For those who do not follow these white-on-black scams long enough: the “white latino” who shot Philando Castile was acquitted after a full trial.

Moral of the story: this “council member,” Jeremiah Ellison, like the rest of these anti-white frauds and puppets, is not interested in the U.S. justice system. He is interested in mob justice based on moods created in him by media incitement and misinformation.

And for those actually interested in the “other evidence” that the prosecutor reportedly alluded to—evidence that goes against charging the officer(s) in the death of George Floyd—here are some examples:

(1) evidence that George Floyd resisted arrest;

(2) evidence that the Minneapolis Police Department trains its officers to use a knee-to-the-neck to gain control of a suspect who is resisting arrest;
(3) evidence that George Floyd was on drugs, and that those drugs caused the well-know, and often deadly, state of “excited delirium,” where a person’s heart-rate and blood-pressure massively escalate.

Nevertheless, Officer Derek Chauvin was today arrested and charged with murder in the death of violent thug George Floyd, who held a gun to a woman’s stomach while he robbed her.

Anti-white media pets always want a different standard for the white-on-black scams they are fed by our Zionist-controlled media. If you want mob justice—then go live in Wakanda (i.e. Africa): they have plenty mob justice there. However, here in the civilized world, we have these crazy things called courts (and we even have laws against slavery, which Wakanda does not have, given that slavery is alive and well there today). And in a court, you are not going to get a conviction of a cop when that cop was reacting to an uncooperative suspect by using an exact technique that the police department trained the officer to use.

Thus, the only reason that Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with murder for kneeling on George Floyd’s neck—is to appease the anti-white racist Wakandan social-cannibal rioters, who are high on anti-white media incitement and anti-white political pornography in general.

Meanwhile, by arresting the officer for an impossible trial, the arresters and district attorney are only buying time before the inevitable acquittal: when the next mobs and riots will arise—and the traitors and inciters in the media will call those crimes “protests” too. And, despite the acquittal of yet another innocent non-black person—mindless, culture-less, anti-white Wakandans like Minneapolis City Councilman Jeremiah Ellison will, for the rest of their lives, use the acquitted white person as evidence that “law and order be racis, yo!”

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