Why Satanic, Racist Leftists are Frantically and Desperately Celebrating the Death of George Floyd (review of Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Sylville Smith)

“It’s no longer about George!” observed the misled onlooker on Facebook, as pictures of Minneapolis in flames flooded the internet of things and thing-worshipers. The onlooker then reminded: “You burn down YOUR OWN community. MOST OF YOU live in Minneapolis!” Many like her were still desperately trying to believe in the good faith of the parasitic race-baiters who were using the death of George Floyd as political porn for leftist losers. Meanwhile, the mind-draining political porn that created the 2020 Minneapolis riots—was just business-as-usual.

Ferguson Riots, 2014.
Mike Brown was shot by the cop whom Brown attacked. Yet race-baiting media reported, as fact, the myth of “hands up, don’t shoot.” The media got that myth from Brown’s robbery accomplice: Dorian Johnson. The grand jury refused to indict the officer whom Brown had attacked, because the grand jury heard testimony from several eye-witnesses (black ones, not that it should matter), who said that Brown attacked the cop. Those witnesses received far more than zero death-threats for saying what they saw. The media continued lying about the entire event. And plenty people—from out of town—came to Ferguson to destroy the city. So it is wrong to assume: “You burn down YOUR OWN community. MOST OF YOU live in Minneapolis!” No, many probably do not. And during the “protests,” people were shooting at cops, and black guys with hammers beat to death a white guy name Zemir Begic—in front of his pregnant wife.

Baltimore Riots, 2015.
Many media puppets tore apart Bodymore, Murderland, after Freddie Gray died in police custody. The race-baiting media trumpeted photos of the three white cops who arrested Gray. Eventually all charges against six officers were dropped. And eventually, a half-attentive public learned that half the officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray—were black. And the black officers faced the more serious charges. To review: rioters descended on Baltimore and tore it apart because of “systemic white racism.” Meanwhile, at the time of Freddie Gray’s death:
—Most police in Baltimore were black;
—Almost all of Baltimore’s city council was black;
—Baltimore’s police chief was black;
—Baltimore’s mayor was black;
—Baltimore is in Maryland, whose Governor was black;
—The president of the United States was black (just ask his white mom);
—Black-on-white crime was (and is) rampant in Bodymore Murderland.

Milwaukee Riots, 2016.
Many media puppets tore apart Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after Sylville Smith was shot and killed by a police officer. Fake news CNN reported that Smith’s sister, Sherelle, was calling for peace—quoting her as saying, “Stop burning down shit we need in our community!” Later, CNN apologized for editing out the rest of her sentence: “…take that shit to the suburbs! Burn their shit down!” And police body came later confirmed the police officer’s report: that Sylville Smith was shooting at the officer. And not that it should matter, but the officer whom Sylville Smith was shooting at—was black.

There are a lot more stories—Tawana Brawley, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant—where the real information arises after the ashes, showing that the whole situation was 100% a media hoax. And the hoax is revealed just in time for the media to create the next hoax.

This tells you everything you need to know about why news media and their insane black (and white) media pets are desperately celebrating the death of George Floyd: the media and their minions are Satanic (i.e. self-worshiping) losers, addicted to supposed righteous-hatred toward their invented enemies, and the supposed creative-destruction of their own lies. And they will create hatred and destruction based on outright lies—so of course they will take what looks like it could be a wrongful death (George Floyd), and pretend that—this time—proves the truth of all the other media hoaxes. After all, once the media moves from one hoax to the next—the Satanists still revive previous hoaxes—all the time—as if they were never debunked: The “Hands up, don’t shoot” fraud is still doctrine for the racialized cowards and fools of the leftist media cult. Trayvon Martin was still a 12-year-old when “giant white” 5’7″ Jewish Peruvian George Zimmerman killed Trayvon for being black—etc, etc.

Of course terrible, unjust things happen in our society—just look at the 2014 shooting of Levar Jones. Yet where is that shooter now?

Alternative Title: When History is Told by the Losers.

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