Famous Quotes From This Week in 2020

“What did we ever do to deserve this fate!?”
—The unessential people being now slaved, starved, and slaughtered, after years of at least tolerating (if not celebrating) worldwide torture and terrorism; years of profiting from worldwide slavery; years of normalizing the mass-murder of children.

“How did these peaceful protests turn to violent riots!?”
—Political masturbators in Minneapolis, whose buildings deserve exactly as much due process from the rioters as the masturbators extended to the cops whom the masturbators all agreed to condemn without trial, while making George Floyd’s death about race for precisely no reason besides that the cop was white.

“Why all the distrust!?”
—Fans of the treasonous politicians and police who betray their oath to God and country, through enforcement of the problem-reaction-solution COVID scam concocted by traitors in various Zionist Occupied Governments throughout the world.

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