Back Before Preferences Went Extinct

Back when I first started applying for jobs, the applications always stated that, in accordance with law, the employer never discriminates based on an applicant’s sexual preference.

Wait. Let me start over.

Back when I first started applying for jobs, society was unprogressed—so we had this barbaric, unevolved concept called “preferences.” Everyone had preferences—or so they thought. People even had sexual preferences—or so they thought.

Thankfully, good people have evolved and progressed past being part of the crazy “people have preferences” cult. After all, as all good people know: no one has preferences—and certainly not sexual preferences. Everyone is just a mindless clump of neurotic, highly political cells—blindly chasing mutual-masturbation with other cell-clumps that correspond with our preference-less sexual orientation.

In an absolute coincidence of political utility, those who have evolved and progressed past sexual preferences—they happen to be all the genetically self-genocidal people, who are oriented to a life of frantic, sterilized mimicry of sexual reproduction. This is fortunate for those oligarchs who are oriented to expressly aiming for the extermination of most people in the world. After all, worldwide mass-exterminations would be that much harder if more people had a sexual orientation other than voluntary genetic-suicide—because of all the extra non-essential kids, as well as the dysfunctional evolutionary mutations that occur in those disgusting breeders who develop the disorder of becoming parents who have something worth living for and worth dying to protect.

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