War is [Still] a Racket


Good ole “memorial day.” A day every year where we honor those service members who died during military service—while ignoring the thousands of military members who have murdered themselves during or after their service, often because of unbearable feelings of betrayal from being lied into wars or deprived of their due benefits thereafter.

For more on that betrayal, check out General Smedly Butler’s “War is a Racket” (below). Up until his time, General Butler was the most decorated service member in the history of the United States military. Moreover, during probably less betrayal than is going on for this COVID scam—Butler was asked to be the new president after an upcoming overthrow of the U.S. government. Despite his disdain for having been betrayed so massively, General Butler refused to participate in the coup. Indeed, he exposed it. But don’t get me wrong: the rats and cowards that pass as “heroes” in our nation’s myth-based history—yeah, they’re pretty badass too.

Loser Chris Kyle? Yeah: nothing says “badass” like invading a country then sniping women from a mile away!

Random military trannies? Wow! Such bravery!

Martin Luther King Jr? Non-violent to white men—while beating the black women with whom he cheated on his wife? Geeze! What’s not to like!?

Move over Smedly Butler—we have war-mongers to obey!


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