Rapist Brock Turner and the Importance of Gender-Differences

Imagine the following news report—

BREAKING NEWS: “Person A was on top of Person B and slamming person B’s head onto concrete over and over, so Person B shot Person A, who then died.”

Not very compelling. No one likes to mentally and politically masturbate with boring, fact-based news. So it is important for the news to helpfully infuse race into everything (and also to withhold and misrepresent key facts). Thus, to get any attention at all, the same event described above must instead filter through media heroes to become the following:

BREAKING NEWS: “Here’s a picture of a 12-year-old black child named Trayvon Martin. Five years after this picture was taken, a Jewish Peruvian—who we will call “white” for short—killed Trayvon for being black! Now go attack white people and burn down cities! Because slavery!”

See? VERY sexy.

But race is not the only important part of sexy news. Gender is absolutely essential for helping people to recognize what they are supposed to think. Considering the following:

HEADLINE: “Two drunks had sex. At some point during the sex, one of the drunks passed out.”

Again: not very interesting. But watch what happens through the magic of gender-differences, and how the same boring story becomes a life-or-death saga:

HEADLINE: “Man Brock Turner RAPES woman behind a dumpster!”

Gender clearly helps you to realize that drunk who had sex with another drunk—was actually a rapist who should be thrown into prison, where they “know how to deal with men who rape women!” Then the rapist could have his dick cut off and be raped in prison for eternity by all the heroic Trayvons with hearts of gold.

So the next time you doubt the importance of gender, remember: do you really want to have to think objectively about who deserves your groundless pity, or your blind, obedient bloodlust? Of course not.

And if you are a man, remember: Brock is a man. Men are rapists—and that’s all they are. Don’t be like Brock. Don’t be a rapist. Don’t be a man. Instead, put on a wig. Then you are a woman. And then magically much of society will immediately trust you enough to give you access to little girls in public bathrooms. Because tolerance!