Akeem “Tech 9” Mickens: the Key to White America Healing Black Wounds After a Jewish Peruvian Murdered St. Trayvon of Sanford

Hi! and Welcome to my presence! My name is Dr. Russ Lindquist. In 2015, I received a Master’s degree in Obeying Daddy Government from Girl Power University in Cultland, California, and later earned my PhD in Diversity and Inclusion from Harvard University’s School of Racializing. I am currently unemployed and looking for work. So I would like to share a bit about my skillset, in hopes of helping prospective employers to get a corporate boner over me.

My specialty is consulting, which is the term that college taught me to use in place of “having an opinion.”

My most memorable client was definitely White America. When I first met White America, they were a mess: in was 2012, and White America could not figure out how to properly apologize to blacks in general for the Trayvon Martin misunderstanding.

What happened was that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon for his shoes. Zimmerman is a Jewish Peruvian, so obviously the murder was the kind of brown-on-brown violence that disappears thousands of times every year in the U.S. But news that day was slow for USA’s Zionist-infested media, so the rats and snakes of NBC and elsewhere decided to change “Jewish Peruvian” instead to “white.”

This media prank created an immediate PR nightmare for White America, which had recently began earning back black trust by electing, as their president, some white lady’s mulatto son.

White America was in terrible trouble. But then they called me in, and I quickly leveraged all my learning in Diversity and Inclusion for the situation—and I was easily able to solve White America’s problem.

My first advice to White America, for dealing with the Trayvon Martin mistake, was to humbly seek to understand USA’s noble, articulate, charismatic, sane black community.

On my advice, White America carefully studied the key thought-leaders of the black community: battle rappers. Specifically, I introduced White America to battle-rap legend Akeem Mickens, whose battle-rap name was first “Tech 9” and eventually “WGBA”—short for “White Girl Bleed Alot.”

White America watched Akeem “Tech 9” Mickens battle rap against Mud-butt McGee (aka “Bill Collector”). There, Mickens first told Bill, “I will point a gun at you, while I rape your wife.” The audience full of sane, well-adjusted black scholars laughed loudly at the healthy, normal rape-joke.

Mickens then pre-apologized for his next line, foreshadowing that it would be something very offensive—not a funny joke about raping a woman at gun-point. Mickens then famously said, “If I come to your city, and you make hand-gestures that offend me—then I will murder a niggger for repping his hood, just like George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin.”

The audience full of sane, well-adjusted black scholars gasped at the insensitive remark about St. Trayvon of Sanford. Minckens quickly apologized, carefully walked back his remarks, and then offered a reverent prayer to the memory of Trayvon Martin.

After watching the battle rap, White America was only confused: “What does it all mean, my nigga? What does that mufukin shit be meaning to a nigga?” asked White America cultural-appropriatingly.

I clarified to White America that a while after the rap-battle where Akeem “Tech 9” Mickens worshiped Trayvon Martin and joked about raping women—Mickens was arrested for hate-fucking young children. And then, according to David Duke, “while awaiting trial for violently raping a 12-year-old black bitch, Tech 9 killed himself, like the little black Muslim bitch he was.”

The moral of the story for White America was that if they wanted to appeal to the kind of sane, well-adjusted black scholars who buy into anti-white incitement by USA’s Zionist-controlled media—then White America would need to pay respect to the all-important “black child-raping hypocrite” demographic.

Only then could White America ever hope to earn even a fraction of the massive worship that the demograpic immediately and constantly gave to USA’s first black president.

To watch Tech 9 joke about rape and worship Trayvon, check out 7:33 here:

To read about the Trayvon-fan raping kids and killing himself, go here:

For more anti-white incitement and ignoring of rampant black-on-white crime by USA’s Zionist-controlled media—click anywhere.

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