Be Like Fred Korematsu (An Open Letter to Our Closed Society, by Russ Lindquist)

Almost two decades ago, Aaron Tippin wrote the song “You’ve Got To Stand For Something.” Today, I am telling you: You’ve Got To Stand For Something.


Throughout our massively closed society, if you open your business, or you go outside without certain hysterical, legally required good-luck-charms—then you will be fined.

If you do not pay the fine, then you will be summoned to court.

And if you are summoned to court—then more than zero lawyers will jump at the chance to take your case “pro bono” (for free), as an opportunity to handle, through the courts, the massive treachery being inflicted on virtually everyone, throughout the country. And even if no lawyer comes to your defense—you can go to court yourself, and force the judge who faces you to betray their oath to the Constitution.

But not one person—in the history of the world—has won in court without first going to court. And you will not get to court without standing up for yourself, your livelihood, and your freedoms—which come from God, not government.

It is simple—but not easy. If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it.


Recall Jefferson’s declaration of independence—which was a declaration of natural rights: “whenever any form of government becomes destructive of God-given freedoms—including but not limited to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—then it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish that government.”

That part of the government which has put the people under massive house-arrest, and has threatened the pursuit of happiness for the owners of countless small (and large) businesses—that part of government is now abolished. They are no longer governors: they are traitors. And anyone who enforces the declared house-arrest and business-arrest of these traitors—they are traitors too.


The declared house-arrest and business-arrest are unlawful laws. If someone attempts an arrest over an unlawful law—that attempt is an unlawful arrest. The law of our land is that a citizen is entitled to resist an unlawful arrest by the citizen’s use of non-deadly force. Whenever a law enforcement officer attempts an unlawful arrest, that officer is not operating under lawful authority. If any person—unlawful law enforcement or otherwise—escalates their unlawful force to a threat of deadly force—then it is the right of their victim to use deadly force in self-defense, to repel their attacker’s unlawful threat of deadly force.


The rule of law, itself, puts everyone on notice that no one is above the law—least of all law enforcement officers. Plenty police, military, etc. have recently, heroically acknowledged and trumpeted this fact—in text and videos that have been censored and hidden by enemies of freedom who operate various media throughout the nation. (Those enemies have hidden the reiterated oaths of these officers and military—just as the enemies have hidden the perspective of countless doctors whose professional opinion contradicts the official narrative of the worldwide COVID scam—a scam concocted by, among others, the enemies of freedom in the World Health Organization, including Bill Gates).


A famous related case is Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944). There, the US Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Fred Korematsu, a 23-year-old Japanese-American man who, during World War 2, refused to leave his residence in San Leandro, California: Korematsu famously refused to report to the Japanese internment camp set up by the US Department of War (now the Department of Defense), as authorized by Harvard-trained Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt, through Executive Order 9066.

The moral of the story: Korematsu lost his case—but won his cause: living until 2005, Fred Korematsu lived to see his “lost” case become arguably the single most famous example of the Supreme Court (and every one of Fred’s persecuting prosecutors) being supremely wrong. Today, everyone—and certainly today’s Supreme Court—admits that, in 1944, Fred Korematsu was right to undertake the civil disobedience of refusing to confine himself to the Democrats’ internment camp for American citizens of Japanese descent.


In the spirit of Fred Korematsu: Demonstrate civil disobedience. Refuse the nationwide internment. Refuse the nationwide house-arrest. Open your business. Go to opened businesses. If there are not enough good people to defend and join you, then our nation is ended anyhow—so you may as well go out standing.

And yes, if it comes down to it: resist unlawful arrest—only with non-deadly force. And if an unlawful arrestor escalates their unlawful force to a threat of deadly force—then you are entitled, by the laws of our nation and natural law itself, to defend yourself with deadly force to stop the tyranny inflicted upon you.


Those law enforcement officers who would hide behind “just following orders”—they are on notice: the nationwide house-arrest is unlawful. If you attempt to enforce the unlawful house-arrest, then you are an enemy of the people. Instead, reject any order that violates the natural rights and the Constitutional assurances of those whom you have sworn to protect and serve. Anything less, and you are a dangerous and evil traitor.


This civil disobedience of opening business and going outside as normal—this should satisfy to rebuke the traitors, and to restore true law and true order. However, to further enforce the unlawful, nationwide house-arrest—the traitors may destroy (through act or omission) the nation’s supply lines upon which every man, woman, and child depends—just as the allies destroyed the supply lines of Germany’s civilians, while the Democrats interned US citizens of Japanese descent, and US war-criminals dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians.

Those German and Japanese innocents could not beg their way out of the allies’ crimes against humanity. Likewise, today, you cannot beg your way out of the manifestly murderous intent of our nation’s enemies—foreign and domestic. If the traitors in our government destroy the nation’s supply lines (either by act or omission) to force compliance with their nationwide house-arrest: that would be an act of war. And then there is civil war.

Moreover, if the United Nations invades the USA—including by invitation from the traitors in our government—that invasion would be an act of war against the people of the United States.

Meanwhile, those found to be spying against the USA to facilitate or benefit from the worldwide COVID scam—spying for the communists of China, spying for the anti-Jewish atheist socialists of the Zionist state, or spying for anyone else—they are part of a declared war against the USA, on behalf of the nation that sent them.

You are either with the people of the United States—or you are with our globalist enemies.

—Russ Lindquist

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