How to Fight for Justice, Like a Credulous Coward

Moments ago, passing through a parking lot, I see a sticker on the car of a limp, leftist loser—which reads: “Stop Bigotry.” And below that is a little cartoon picture of Donald Trump.

So to review:

(1) When Obama escalated “Bush’s Wars,” causing the murder of millions—including hundreds of children murdered by USA’s drone-strikes: Obama was the coolest mulatto ever (or, if you prefer, the coolest “black man”—whose white mom was beaten by his black dad, as the cool mulatto grew up privileged in Hawaii—raised by his white grandparents).

(2) But it was bigotry, for example, when Trump continued Obama’s escalation of “Bush’s Wars,” by implementing a “Muslim travel ban”—on a list of countries singled out by the Obama administration as strategically dangerous to USA’s worldwide terrorism.

(3) And yet while, to idiot leftists, it was “bigotry” to deny travel to the USA from a handful of “Muslim majority coutries”—now it is perfectly fine to deny travel to everyone, everywhere, because the slave states of China, USA, England, Canada, etc. have manufactured a COVID scam—and provided the massively tyrannical response to the scam.

It is almost as if the key role Trump plays in all of this is to help limp, leftist losers—and limp, rightist losers—to pretend they stand for something.

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