Linda Fairstein vs Black and Brown Rapists and White Cannibal Cops

TITLE: Linda Fairstein speaks on Central Park 5

Linda Fairstein: “This white cop should and probably will be convicted of conspiracy to kidnap (and cannibalism) women” (paraphrased).

Media pets in the YouTube comments, who saw a Netflix documentary that defended the five central park rapists and pretended they were exonerated:

“Any money she made needs to go to those 5 boys. Also, she could never be creditable until she makes peace with their case.”

“This lady need to be locked up!”

“Karma is knocking. She’s a walking barf bag.”

“She needs to pay for what she did to those men and their families. All her cases back then needs to be reopened. I guarantee these men where not the only ones she did this to.”

“Linda Fairstein, the Demon of injustice!”


“I usually don’t like to wish people bad because the world is bad enough, but Linda Fairstein, i wish you and your descendants all the hell that you put those 5 innocent men through. If this was truly done out of spite you deserve all the ugliness that might come to you. If this doesn’t reach you it will surely reach people that you love. When you feel the pain may it be oh as painful as can be.”

So Linda Fairstein timeline, according to mindless media pets:
(1) crazy racist who successfully prosecuted five black and latino rapists for a crime for which there was massive evidence against them;
(2) proven wrong by some white girl’s Netflix documentary;
(3) inexplicably gives her expert opinion on the guilt of a white cop.

Moral of the story: if the demons they fear are everywhere—then why do these media pets have to stir themselves up over myths, fraud, and propaganda against Linda Fairstein? Can’t you just “go outside”—anywhere—and find real causes to fight? Apparently not.

2 thoughts on “Linda Fairstein vs Black and Brown Rapists and White Cannibal Cops

  1. Millennials will have to dig thru the internet’s festering crust to understand how and why you are correct. For the ‘how’ part, your BitChute vid ‘HISTORY (EVEN AMONG THOSE WHO MEAN WELL) SFTU 2616’ is a good clue.

    P.S. Third and last time I try to post this comment. Don’t think the spam filter was too keen on the hyperlink.


    1. If you try a comment with a link, and give it a while so that WordPress notifies me of it—then I should be able to “approve” the comment. After that (I think) those kinds of comments will work for you automatically.

      Liked by 1 person

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