Based Soph vs Golden Chaff, Greta Thunberg—SET IT UP!

“With ‘everything at your fingertips’, you’re liable to develop Neil-Degrasse-Tyson-Syndrome and start thinking fun-facts make wisdom. It’s no surprise that nations with easy internet access tend to be more secular: if you toke on the Elon-Musk-blunt long enough, you might start confusing facile crap like Simulation Theory for legitimate metaphysics. The idea of moving past a need for God is just cheap pride, where adults believe that ‘knowing what an alpha centauri is’ means they know better than Abraham when it comes to morals. If you morons were in the Garden of Eden, not only would you eat the apple—but you would end up chewing the leaves from the Tree of Knowledge, if the serpent showed you a video of James Corden doing it.

“Satan’s point in getting Adam and Eve to eat from the tree was that the knowledge would make man consider himself like God. . . . The infinity of accessible information sounds too good to be true—because it is. It is especially ensnaring when it comes to entertainment, because the can guide you from Vine compilations, to movie-clips, and then into music-mashups—seamlessly. And while you gobble every morsel of enjoyment the conveyor-belt of the algorithms churn out—your mind is trained to immediate gratification. This serves an objective that is currently shared by many establishment forces: destroying male introverts. Whereas, in the past, they would involved themselves in constructive ventures, today they are caught up in worthless pastimes and effeminately attached to the pleasure they get from it—and that’s how we turn creative potential into Reddit-browsing, porn-watching, Nintendo-Switch-playing bubble-heads that somehow get called ‘men’ in our warped world. . . . [as] the internet’s facilitation of irresponsibility is largely the culprit for the herd of man-babies crawling on all fours across the world.”

A little girl named Soph, who had about a million subscribers on YouTube before the frauds and cowards at YouTube removed her channel for the “hate-speech” of stating the statistical fact that the LGBTQ community is a den of pedophiles and pedophile-enablers. These mega-losers really do have so much faith in memory-holes and thought-crime enforcement. Good luck with that. Just be damn sure not ever in your life to set up a debate between based Soph and your golden chaff, Greta Thunberg.

One thought on “Based Soph vs Golden Chaff, Greta Thunberg—SET IT UP!

  1. ‘That’s word-soup though! No, not the word-soup that I like (meaningless terminology used to placate and stupefy me into obeying the government) but the word-soup that I don’t like (accurate diction that cuts to the core of what I don’t understand or want to admit that I understand)’.


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