Yet Again: Crime Causes Poverty

In Ferguson, death-threats and bounties abounded against the black witnesses who reported that Mike Brown did nothing like “hands up, don’t shoot”—but rather that 6’4″, 300lb Brown had charged and attacked the cop who shot Brown.

After the Trayvon Martin media scam and anti-white incitement, famous director Spike Lee tweeted out the address of some senior citizen who happened to have the same name as 5’8” Jewish Peruvian George Zimmerman. The senior citizen had to sell his house and move, after death-threats from mobs of media-puppets.

Now, video has emerged of Ahmaud Arbery trespassing on someone’s property in Brunswick, Georgia, minutes before Arbery attacked Travis McMichael and tried to take McMichael’s gun. So now the media puppets have sent out more than a few death-threats to terrorize the property owner, Larry English, who says he will likely not complete construction on the house and instead move elsewhere.

As always: these media pets can keep parroting the mantra myth that “poverty causes crime.” Regardless, the reality is that crime causes poverty. And no matter how often Zionist media create fake narratives to incite black-on-white violence, and no matter how much “white flight” is demonized as “racist,” and no matter how much media’s black pets learn to pretend that they deserve slavery reparations in the form of a license to terrorize whites (the low-class whites to which they have access)—regardless, no amount of media incitement or anti-white myths will change the truths that these puppets and puppeteers hide from themselves and each other.

White Flight. Larry English will take his wealth out of Brunswick, Georgia and look to invest elsewhere: “white flight.”

Red-lining. The same Zionists (and their pseudo-Christian enablers) whose media incite their black pets—they will continue compressing, depressing, and drowning black American neighborhoods, and imploding working-class wages, with floods of illegal immigrants.

Genocide. The same Zionists (and their pseudo-Christian enablers) whose media incite their black pets—they will continue their open strategy to exterminate millions of black people, through the government’s Prevented Parenthood mass-murder scheme.

Millennia ago, God gave the sodomites—of Sodom—several chances to produce enough goodness in order to stave off destruction. It did not happen: goodness could not survive there. And so instead, the sodomites earned destruction. If the white and black devils of America continue to profiteer by terrorizing and enslaving black and white minds and bodies through lies, damned lies, false statistics, and the rest—then the implosion of America will only accelerate, the cultural crater will only deepen, America’s chaos will make China’s death-cult look like a paradise, and there will be nothing choices saved for these frauds and cowards, besides to continue lying themselves and each other into lifelong misery, then eternal damnation.

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