Trayvon Martin Media Scam, Revisited

Trayvon Martin Media Scam, Revisited

It is time to pivot focus from the latest media scam—the one about violent felon Ahmaud Arbery. Instead, here is a reminder about Trayvon Martin—another scam of anti-white incitement, brought by the same Zionist-controlled media.

As a reminder: the sole goal of USA’s Zionist-controlled is to create anger and fear in blacks and whites—in order to control them—as a way of distracting from ongoing terrorism by USA and the Zionists who currently occupy Palestine and daily torment religious Jews and Palestinians (and now, of course, the distraction extends to the nationwide house-arrest response to the COVID scam).

Years before this anti-white Ahmaud Arbery scam, there was the anti-white Trayvon Martin scam—where “a white neo-nazi named George Zimmerman hunted down and killed unarmed black child Trayvon Martin.”

Meanwhile, in reality: Martin, a black man, was about 5’11”; and Zimmerman, a Jewish Peruvian, is about 5’7″. And on the night that he earned his death, Trayvon Martin was repeatedly slamming George Zimmerman’s head into concrete.

Suddenly, the Zionist-controlled media began reporting Zimmerman as “white”—not Peruvian, nor Jewish—and reporting that he was much bigger than Trayvon. To create this myth, Zionist-controlled media began distributing pictures of Trayvon Martin that were (at the time) 5 years old—pictures of Trayvon when he was 12-years-old. Those pictures remained—and remain—the most popular ones for the Zionist-controlled media to pass around.

And the rest is history—a meticulously distorted history, lied about even to this day, by USA’s Zionist-controlled media and their black and white pets and puppets.

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