Life on the Facebook Data-farm: Facebook Pitifully Peddling Pornography to Earn Penny-fractions and Enhance User’s Addiction to Facebook

“Do you know Giant-tits Jones? What about crotch-shot McGee? What about your mom’s neighbor? What about this ‘barely-legal’ teen of a fetishized ethnicity who is tugging the sides of her thong out of her pants? What about some couple selling bestiality tapes out of their garage? What about some desperate entrepreneur who paid us to promote their mediocre product or service?”
—Facebook’s “people you may know” data-mining scheme.

Now that we know Facebook makes it’s money by mining (rather, farming) user data and selling that data, it is interesting to consider how many random, pornographic recommendations I receive from Facebook through the “people you may know” enticement—pornographic recommendations that are clearly calibrated to my age and sex.

This makes me wonder about the kinds of bait—socially pornographic, or actually pornographic—that Facebook sends out to others on the site (including legal minors) in order to seduce people into staying on Facebook longer, thus providing more information to the Facebook algorithms for making Facebook more money through its data-mining/data-farming schemes.

It would also be interesting to be privy to the corporate conversations Facebook undoubtedly has—about the best way to blend pornographic nonsense accounts into the “people you may know” feature, alongside people whom there is actually a chance you know.

This silly, stupid clickbait nonsense by Facebook is no different than the “Hi, I’m a horny, lonely teen!” junk mail that has plagued the internet from the start—clickbaiting the aimless and the stupid for a “click” that earns some loser a billionth of a penny from some other loser’s ad-scheme.

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