Media’s Ahmaud Arbery Scam Working: Anti-white Incitement Starts to Pay Off, in Blood of White People

In Deleware today, an 85-year-old woman was killed, her husband critically injured, by an unarmed person of color motivated by the Ahmaud Arbery scam. The murder is reminiscent of when Zionist-controlled media barely reported black men used hammers to beat to death white man Zemir Begic in front of his pregnant wife, miles from—and in response to—the Michael Brown scam in Ferguson; and also when black men beat white man Mark Slavin with hammers (possibly to death) in Sanford, Florida—in response to the Travyon Martin scam. No media has reported on how many more deliberate, calculated, deadly incitements the media will concoct before it’s open season on them.

The Story:

“Maryland victims in Delaware cemetery shooting are identified”

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