ADL Report: Suspected White-supremacist Angela Summers May Have Committed Hate-speech Crimes Within Years of Maybe Verbally Attacking the Black Man Who Likely Defended Himself Against Her with a Gun in Indiana

In relatively irrelevant news—we have another dead white woman (aka a woman without color).

Two weeks ago in Indiana, an unarmed person of color shot and killed a possibly racist person of no color. The white female mail-carrier died after possible attacking the black man with word-bullets, including the ultimate word-bullet of which we do not speak. Early supports suggest that the white woman deserved to die, and that the black shooter was the real victim.

The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is looking into whether and how they can defame Angela Summers, the dead white woman whom the ADL says may have held the wrong opinion at some point in her life. The ADL reports:

“We at the ADL are committed to defaming white victims of black violence, so we are investigating an anonymous source who says that their 10-year-old black child tearfully revealed that there might be someone who heard the dead white woman Angela Summers say the ‘n-word’ decades age.”

The ADL says that if the dead white female mail-carrier ever used the n-word, or knew someone who did, or ever heard the n-word except by famous rappers making millions to celebrate black-on-black murder—then that would prove that the black man shot and killed Angela Summers in self-defense, under the Stand Your Ground rules that allow black men to kill white women if atheist Zionist organizations distract and obscure the issue effectively enough.”

In response to the likely hate-crime against the unarmed black shooter, President Trump said, “A Zionist ejaculated into my daughter! Isn’t that great!? My daughter is about to have a beautiful Jewish baby!” Trump then continued the Obama administration’s continuation of “Bush’s Wars,” that have been going on for decades, causing the murder of millions.

In other, even less important news, the nationwide lockdown remains in place—terrorizing millions and causing countless deaths. Well, not “countless”: they are counted—very carefully counted—and then attributed to the COVID scam, to justify continuing the nationwide house-arrest.

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