May-day General Strike CHANGES THE WORLD…for the handful of myopic goofs who participated and quickly lost their jobs

Recently, on “Millennials thinly mimicking things they heard about history”:

HEADLINE: “Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart Workers Organize a Historic Mass Strike”

No word yet on what these heroic badasses will do once their jobs-vacancies are easily swallowed up—if not by the tens of millions of force-unemployed, then just by industrialist plutocrats’ boring ole illegal immigrant pets who, for decades now, have helped industrialists in certain sectors prevent virtually all meaningfully collective-bargaining (including strikes).

As an elementary school dropout who went to half a high-school semester poorly, I am consistently impressed—in a bad way—about how clueless so many “voting age adults” are, regarding such things as the uphill battle of organized labor, and USA’s legacy of merciless strike-breaking.

But yeah: showing several poorly-taken photos of random dingy people “fighting the power”—that’s probably all it will take to overthrow the largest, most massively interconnected plutocrats in the history of the world…it’s just that no one thought of that yet.

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