Wars, Rumors of Wars, and the Peaceful Side of the Current Genocide

As of today—May 03, 2020 (20:42 CST)—Government officially predicts more than a hundred-million international deaths from starvation and suicide in 2020, caused by the international lockdown: the conspired response to the worldwide COVID scam.

During our own nationwide house-arrest in the land of the free: for some, it is business-as-usual.

Throughout the U.S., several cam-girls have seen their income only rise, since more men have more free time and discretionary funds during the terrorist government’s forced-unemployment. Thus, many of the girls continue to get more money each day, for flirting a few hours with their fingers up their holes, than a Chinese slave-child in Nike or Apple dungeons would earn in a thousand lifetimes.

Remember the “great depression”? Well it was not “depression” for everyone: many elites massively multiplied their “money” (i.e. their power to control others). After all, nothing except innocent life is ever “lost” in these economic wars: wealth is certainly not “lost”—just shifted, redistributed.

And those with real wealth have more than digits in a bankster’s database, or piles of government’s monopoly-money. They have assets: personal property, land, etc. And that is never “lost.”

Rather, that wealth is just “discovered” by the various Columbuses who earn the neo-monarchs’ blessing to take the discovered possessions from the previous owners, after the planned-economic-implosion from a tyrannical response to a given COVID scam.

There is a peaceful side to the current genocide. Many people have more time than ever to spend enjoying the friends and family who hate them and would obediently sell them out to government cannibals as soon as convenient.

Gasoline for cars is so much cheaper when nearly no one is allowed to do any of the things that would normally cause them to buy gas.

Thanks to government authorizing itself to gift imaginary “money” to qualifying caged peasants among the strategically imploded economy—many of the gutted have seen less than a complete end to their ability to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like, while distracting themselves from a life they regret obeying their way into—things made by innocent slave men and children, in China and beyond.

In China, the peaceful side of genocide has been in effect for generations. After starving millions through collectivization of agriculture, Satanists in China had much more food for those whom the Chinese Satanists didn’t starve to death: “fewer mouths makes less hunger,” as the zeitgeist goes. And after the targeted murder of hundreds of millions of unborn children, parents of the living and dead had much more free time to spend working in dungeons alongside their one child. Then when the Chinese population inverted, and China’s social safety-net of mass-graves was for the aged mass-murderers, themselves: most died as obediently as they had lived, killed, and slaved.

Yet some shamefully resisted—raging against the dying of the dungeons’ dim lights. Some even ran off to Africa, Europe, and the Americas—where their lifelong cultural-inoculations against humanity and sanity earned them premiere parts as industrial pets of a given nation’s plutocrats—helping the plutocrats to bring China-style living-hell to the nation. These fanatical Chinese interlopers reigned obediently in industry for a generation or two—until their silver-chopsticked daughters all faded away as some form of a hyper-educated sterilized cam-girl, and their silver-chopsticked sons all became some form of a neutered mumble-rapper: both struggling in vain to find purpose after a life spent celebrating the soulless, selfish Satanism of their cowardly, cutthroat Chinese ancestors.

Meanwhile, various incarnations of “Donald Trump” distractions came and went—as did the various versions of Zionist-controlled media to tempt an obediently all-encompassing love-hate distraction, focused on the Donald Trump of the moment, as the slithering Zionists frantically controlled both faces of the government’s uniparty and all its death-cult policies.

And through it all, there continued to be wars and rumors of wars.

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