Black’s Silver Medal in the Victimhood Olympics

Thousands of blacks owned slaves in the American colonies, and nothing done by the fraction of U.S. whites who owned black (or white) slaves can morally justify the modern epidemic of savage black-on-white violence.

Nevertheless: the U.S. was founded on the massive slavery and exploitation of blacks (and others), and nothing done by any other blacks—not in history nor modernity—can morally justify ignoring or downplaying—much less justifying—the past and present mistreatment of blacks in the U.S. (and around the world).

Again: nothing can morally justify the current corrupt status quo against countless blacks—but setting aside morality, there is the Victimhood Olympics.

The Victimhood Olympics awards those with:
(1) real, imagined, or concocted historical grievances; and
(2) enough political power to demand pity from others.

Although blacks finished second overall in the Victimhood Olympics, still, they finished a huge social-distance behind the Victimhood Olympics’ gold medalists: Zionist pseudo-Jews.

Because blacks failed to out-lie Zionists for gold in the Victimhood Olympics, it is officially a disrespectful, antisemitic affront to the gold medalists whenever blacks dare to use the term “Holocaust” to refer to the various Holocausts against blacks (including the current Holocaust against blacks—and others— by the U.S. government’s Prevented Parenthood program of social cannibalism).

If blacks had gotten Zionists’ gold medal in the Victimhood Olympics, then it would be a literal crime to doubt any aspect of blacks’ self-reported victimhood; and a social-death-sentence to imply, much less say, that blacks should just “get over” their grievances; and blacks could cite in-group myths to justify Holocausts against Palestinians, whites or whomever. (For proof of this gold-medal privilege, just see the obvious deathgrip on society held by the current gold-medalists in those respects.)

Second comes right after first, and blacks should be very proud of their silver medal in the Victimhood Olympics. But it’s time to say, plainly and definitively: blacks you are not the Victimhood Olympics gold medalists. You are not Zionist pseudo-Jews.

Blacks need to grow up and stop thinking they deserve justice, much less pity. If you blacks wanted justice and pity so bad, then you should have competed harder in the Victimhood Olympics. You lost. Get over it. Zionist pseudo-Jews are the biggest victims in history—and only they deserve to pave their privileges with constant references to real and imagined grievances.

Therefore, in the words of a famous effeminate, Harvard-trained, millionaire mulatto who was raised by his white grandparents in a Hawaiian cesspool of white privilege: Blacks need to stop complaining, stop grumbling, and stop crying. Now pick yourselves up by your bootstraps—and stop trying to culturally appropriate Zionist pseudo-Jews’ gold medal in the Victimhood Olympics.

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