China Outlines When Rape is Worse Than Abortion

Internationally recognized as the most progressive nation on earth, China sets the progressive standard for all other countries, as the others develop towards being more like the progressive paradise that China is: a society so perfected that they have evolved past just giving women a “right to choose”—and now simply mandate empowering abortion for all but one-per-couple of their she-peasants’ clumps of cells. This majestic evolution, matched with the peasants’ allowance to choose the gender of the one child they don’t kill, has led to the wise choice of boys over girls, thus the sensible murder of tens-of-millions more baby girls than boys—and to China having the highest self-murder-rate in the world, and to China being virtually the only nation on earth where women self-murder more than men.

Today, as China guts Africa’s resources and empowers millions of Africans into the afterlife, from its headquarters in the Ching Chong Mountains, the Chinese leadership presented the paradise nation’s new rules for rape and abortion.

Head of Rules, Ping Pong, outlined when rape is worse than abortion. “Oooooh—SO SORRY,” began Pong, apologizing for not starting the broadcast on time. “Oooooh—YOU BUY NOW!,” Pong then yelled squintingly, reminding his audience about the importance of buying now.

Pong then went on to tell to the world that the Chinese profits had revealed that rape is worse than abortion whenever the rape results in the birth of an unkilled baby girl. “Oooooh,” clarified Pong, about the exception that rape is never worse than abortion when the rape only damages the Chinese government’s vaginal property—except times when the abortion kills a boy instead of a girl, in which case death of the potential “manly hard worker” will be “generally worse” than any destruction of vaginal property. “Unless,” Pong cautioned in closing, “the killed potential worker can be harvested for useful organs, and its carcass consumed by an aristocrat to make her hair shiny.”

One thought on “China Outlines When Rape is Worse Than Abortion

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