The Difference Between Military Propaganda and Reality


Military Propaganda: Are you a thin, confident, tough woman—or a black scientist? Then GO ARMY!

Reality: If you are a thin confident woman, or a remotely tough woman, then you will have already been scooped up for something else besides the military. And if you are a black scientist—you will DEFINITELY already have another avenue. This is why, to get their non-white non-man political quotas, the armed forces are authorized to lower their already-low-as-hell standards, in order to get nearly any non-white or non-man that is interested in filling the military’s race-based and gender-based political quotas.

Thus, check the stats, and you will see that, for the average military woman:

(1) she does not even come close to pulling her own weight (figuratively, much less literally);

(2) physical standards are lower for women in the military (again, not because there are no women who can meet the military’s low minimum standard—there are, but nearly all of those women are already off doing something else);

(3) intelligence standards are lower for women in the military (again, obviously not because no women can meet the embarrassingly low intelligence standards of the military—rather, because the women who can, again, are off doing something they actually want to do; so the military intelligence standard is set low enough—and waiveable—so that the military can accept the least intelligent non-white women, to fill the political quota for women in the military—a hard quota because, again, virtually all physically and intellectually ready women do not need to settle for the military).

When it comes to blacks in the military, here’s a story to explain it:

Decades ago, as a teen, I traveled from California where I grew up to Alabama where most of my mom’s family is. I decided to walk on to the basketball team at the local school—Chattahoochee Valley Community College. I had played basketball throughout my youth, and, as a Californian, was trained to think that everyone looked up to Californians and admired us—so I expected it to be a breeze to play for some silly old “Chattahoochee Valley Community College” out in Troy Alabama. Long story short: when I showed up, there were 6’7″ guys, a 6’11” guy, and the first play I saw: the point guard—5’9″ or so—jumped from outside the key and dunked on every dam body.

For the brief time of my ignorance, I wondered why these giants and badasses where not playing for bigger schools. Why the hell were they were stuck in Alabama, playing for “Chattahoochee Valley Community College”? Long story short: I came to learn that you can find some amazing players stuck in lower schools—because their grades are too bad, or their criminal history too thorough, so they can’t get into a “good” school.

Indeed, that little badass whom I first saw dunk—turns out he was, at that very time, a crack dealer. Plenty of the guys were in gangs. Most everyone had shit grades. And on it went.

Note: I learned all this from the players themselves, because although I was nowhere near good enough to make the team, I was given a scholarship to “manage” the team (wrap injuries, run drills, etc.) because the team’s coach, Wendell Barr, knew me through my grandfather. Indeed everyone knew my grandfather, Floyd Worthy, who for decades was the principal of the high school out there in Phenix City, while also coaching basketball, baseball, and football. And coach Barr had played for my grandpa, so I got on the team (as a manager) and heard these amazing athletes’ terrible stories straight from them: they would be somewhere far better sports-wise, if not for massive failures elsewhere in life.

And so it was during my time in the military: you had plenty random white guys there, even plenty random black guys. But you also had top-of-the-top black athletes sitting right there alongside chubby bums—in the Navy—because the black guys had failed to integrate into more profitable “respectable” areas of society. Meanwhile, any white guy (one of the nice, obedient ones) with even a fraction of the abilities of those best-blacks in the military—they would already be somewhere else, making a ton of money.

This is why, years back, the military made such a big deal out of buff white badass Pat Tillman quitting the NFL to “protect our freedoms” by joining in on USA’s military terrorism (based on lies about 9/11) that led to the invasion and destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Tillman was highlighted to hype up the real recruitment targets—the goofy, aimless failures—and to motivate them to join USA’s terror squad. (Plot twist, after lying for quite a while about Tillman’s death—saying he died in some heroic battle—the military finally admitted that Tillman was just killed by “friendly fire,” where one of the bums fighting alongside Tillman wasn’t paying enough attention and accidentally killed Tillman.)

Meanwhile, while you rarely will get a truly elite white athlete to join the mind-numbing drudgery and general corruption of the U.S. military—you virtually never will get an intellectually elite black man (or black woman) to join the military: they will definitely already elsewhere have far more offers than they can even consider, from firms and corporations desperate to meet the forced integration of blacks into their industry. For those corporations, a massively competent black person, who actually contributes positively, is an absolute gold-mine. Typically the businesses have to frantically scout-out the least-bad blacks, in order to fill the racist political forced-integration quotas without ruining their business. And so it is with the military: plenty blacks are smart enough to be scientists—yet virtually none of them is looking to squander their potential on the U.S. military’s soul-stripping worldwide terrorism.

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