Poisonous Greed and the Myth of “Free” (Google’s legacy of deceptive contracts vs price as a function of value)

A century and a third ago, Wilde’s Fan described a cynic as someone who “knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” By this standard, Google has tempted billions into cynicism. The temptation to cynicism snagged the squirming, squinting masses by Google’s supercharged version of the myth of “free.”

“Free” is a myth believed only by fools and appealing only to the avaricious: Google, as a greed-grenade, has mangled the minds of many among generations of countless sluggish, snarling slobs—who now begin every negotiation, however informal, with the childish, mind-crippling expectation of “free.”

Greed is tomb of self-slavery. It is a sword. Those who live by that sword will die by it.

Google, as among many modern Satanic technocrats, offers many “free” tactics—but Google’s overall strategy is hyper-indoctrination and total control. Acton predicted Google’s actions and aims by his adage that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Google trapped and twisted countless innocent men and children by its deceptive contracts—virtually all being predicated on the Satanic myth of something for nothing.

Meanwhile, Google hid, for as long as possible, the nature of its monetizations: false “free” that powerfully conditioned millions to gladly accept—indeed to chase—all the marks of the beast that few modern merchants, buyers, and beggars can now afford to forgo: constant, ubiquitous, intrusive interconnectedness: constant surveillance that now pierces every privacy and freedom—and proving prescient even the most paranoid Luddite.

Google indoctrinated the Satanic, greed-gripped slaves of its cult into a mantra that price is not a function of various values measured, compared, and bartered in good faith: that, instead, price is a tactic to bury the hooks of hidden costs into the “free” worms peddled to carless collectives of rushing fish—then yanking, scaling, and gutting all who fall for it.

And those guts will decorate and obfuscate Google’s legacy as a Satanic cult that did all it could to have hell on earth.

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