Forced-integration vs Free-association

For centuries, African warlords, Jewish Merchants, Muslim Merchants, Asian Merchants, European colonialists and more—they have all coordinated and cooperated to prevent free-association among white slaves, black slaves, brown slaves, yellow slaves, and more—in Africa, England, Asia, the Americas, and beyond.

Now, the brain-damaged masses in USA and elsewhere have learned to pretend:

(1) that slavery only happened to blacks;
(2) that all but a few crazy blacks fought tirelessly against slavery;
(3) that the most, and the worst, slavery happened in the American colonies;
(4) that slavery is over; and
(5) that the only thing for which blacks have ever fought in the Americas—is to be a part of elites’ forced-integration schemes.

As a centerpiece of this cult of lies, slavery, and death—elites have hung the scarecrow of non-violent, woman-beating fraud Martin Luther King, whose legacy is nothing but a whimpering demand for forced-integration. Meanwhile, despite how hard it is for plenty fools to believe: plenty blacks don’t want to be around whites.

Nevertheless, try this: the next time the media trumpets a story about a crazy black guy in the U.S. who has less than praise for forced-integration—hold your breath. Literally. Then do a simple internet search for the disobedient black guy’s name. Here is what will happen: before you run out of breath, you will find far more than zero articles that crucify the black guy for defying MLK’s legacy as a non-violent, woman-beating puppet for forced-integration. “He wants blacks to associate freely!? But how could he want that!? After all, free-association is not what MLK fought for!”

Setting aside what violent little rat MLK did or did not supposedly want: MLK was a little, frail, lying fraud—who was “non-violent” towards white men, and violent towards black women. His opinion is less than irrelevant. And yet of course, it’s not about him: he is just a white-washed figurehead for forced-integration.

So now, instead of searching for the piles of journalist-puppets falling all over each other to condemn uppity blacks for failing to obey MLK’s white-washed legacy—search instead for Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, Louis Farrakhan, etc. And try to find even a single article that is remotely neutral in its description of those defiant black men’s call for free-association among rightfully angry blacks, i.e. calls for black separatism.

In place of anything nearly neutral, you will get story after story about how crazy and evil these uppity black men were, for not obediently knowing their proper place in elites’ kampf for worldwide forced-integration and the destruction of all cultural and ethnic uniqueness.

To get you started, following is just one of endless examples, where blacks are scolded for failing to obey elites’ white-washed legacy of MLK:

“Black Nationalist Statues Must Fall” —Daniel Greenfield, for (2017)

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