COVID Clowns and Their Pitiful Addiction to Fear, Anger, and Obedient Distraction


“We can do it!,” masturbated the COVID CLOWNS in unison, pretending power. But in the back of their mind—as in the mind of any fraud—whispers the persistent voice of reason, telling the COVID CLOWNS something they already know perfectly well: they are, each, an utter fraud—and addicted to living lies.

These are the kinds of people whose favorite slave eunuchs are suicidal, self-hating homosexual men. Thus, for example, most COVID CLOWNS have heard—and bigotedly hated—that more than zero churches in the U.S. have “straight camps,” where the church tries to convince miserable guys not to believe that a solution to life’s frustrations is to squander your time and energy up other men’s rectums. Meanwhile, in China, more than one-hundred-million children have been mangled to death in the womb. And girls are especially targeted for murder in China.

That is just an example. The moral of the story is that these COVID CLOWNS are addicted to not knowing any real causes—because they are absolutely and totally addicted to distraction.

This addiction to distraction is why cause after cause, for these credulous clowns, has invoked the “We Can Do It!” propaganda campaign. And this addiction to distraction is why the clowns never noticed that the “We Can Do It!” propaganda poster has, on its bottom right corner, the words “War Production Co-ordinating Committee.” And they don’t know that “We Can Do It!” was a propaganda campaign for a war so unpopular that millions of people resisted USA’s draft for World War 2—and the U.S. government caged thousands of men for refusing to fight.

Every generation has their challenges. The challenges of today’s generations is the difficulty of making sure sense of literally anything—because virtually everything around them seems to be rarely more than a frantic, plastic, dumbed-down, propaganda-bloated lie. The current COVID scam is no exception.

And just as today’s COVID CLOWNS who were around during the global warming scam—they never heard about the massive starvation, food-riots, and death in Africa caused by sacrificing food into biofuel, in response to the global warming scam—so too the foot-soldiers of the COVID scam will not hear of the millions who will die from the terrorists’ response to the COVID plandemic: worldwide industry suspended by the same Satanists who want billions dead ASAP.

3 thoughts on “COVID Clowns and Their Pitiful Addiction to Fear, Anger, and Obedient Distraction

  1. Was sifting thru the remains of your old videos on Daily Motion that I’d watched a decade ago. You’re pretty much repeating what you’ve always said but it was quite abstract to a clueless 16 year old. The COVID scam has been epiphanic for me.


    1. Also: your prediction at the end of the global warming video on misinformation — ‘the internet is going to fix this problem I think’. Oh dear… how little we realised that the internet would simply become an extension of the media and the government generally.


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