The Upcoming Legacy of Microaggressions and Implicit Bias, Amid Endless Black-on-white Violence

Through Satanists’ many efforts to tempt us into anger, fear and confusion—as a doomed tool to temporarily divide, conquer, and control—few faux pas pause the social sanity of so many as much as noticing—whatsoever—the rampant black-on-white violence throughout the USA.

And in that vein, among the vain, the worst hate-thought of all is to connect any dots at all. That is why daddy government’s YouTube tentacle magnanimously memory-holed Colin Flaherty’s racist hate-fact factory—and its many-thousand-videos archive of nationwide black-on-white savagery.

And thus, according to the death-cult’s ministry of anti-white incitement: today’s countless U.S. instances of eerie, cartoonish savagery by any hate-filled blacks towards whites—each instance is unique, separate from, and unrelated to all of today’s other instances—which will all be unique, separate from, and unrelated to all of tomorrow’s countless instances of black-on-white savagery.

And this will be the upcoming legacy of “microaggressions” and “implicit bias”—which serve as limp, laughable tools for Satanic puppeteers to engineer hatred of blacks generally, by ignoring, excusing, and even justifying the rampant anti-white mania of so many—yet a small minority—of violent, hate-filled black Americans.

Here, then, is just another insanely violent black person—this time, Tiffani Shadell Lankford—beating the hell out of a kid, then stomping the kid’s face into a hard tile floor. Of course, this story will just come and go.

Meanwhile, the cult’s anti-white fanatics—and the terrorists who incite and abet them—will be vigilantly scanning the nation and the world: searching for the occasional terrible white-on-black needle in a haystack of typical black-on-white violence.

It was a time where Satanic liberals of every color seemed to have limitless distractions, excuses, and justifications—and cannibals of every color used those distractions, excuses, and justifications as reasons to eat each other alive, and die of starvation.

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