Massad Ayoob vs Leftist Anti-gun Nuts

In general, the anti-freedom gun-grab arguments by insane leftists consist of two major points:

(1) the government and police are filled with evil racists;
(2) we, the people, will be more and more safe—as fewer and fewer ordinary citizens are armed, and guns are instead concentrated unto criminals and the evil racists of the government and police.

Two other points clarify the average leftist’s consistency about who can be trusted to carry firearms:

(1) military service members are the greatest heroes in our nation;
(2) military veterans are the most dangerous people in our nation—and should be disarmed and banned from possessing firearms, the instant the veteran is discharged from service.

Another two leftist points clarify the average leftist’s familiarity with guns:

(1) Via the traitors and fools of the mainstream media: AR stands for Assault Rifle; semiautomatics and automatics are basically the same thing; and Pete Bootyjudge is a good judge of how normal Americans do not deserve access to the kinds of guns that satanic sodomites like Pete Bootyjudge learned about during his time as a commissioned sissy in the Navy reserves;
(2) via rap and its media handlers: magazines are “clips;” holding a pistol sideways is cool.

And a final two leftist points give a sense of of leftist’s moral pinnacles regarding guns:

(1) white people defending themselves with guns against violent black savages “is slavery all over again;”
(2) black American conservatives who advocates for gun-rights are “coons” and “uncle Toms” etc.—who “deserve to get killed the white supremacy that they promote” by advocating for a race-neutral right to self-protection.

Thus, leftists can be generally ignored as politically insane on the issue of guns.

Alternatively, consider the following video by Massad Ayoob, who clarifies, for sane people and leftists alike, the value of an ArmaLite 15 (aka AR-15) as a valuable semiautomatic weapon for personal defense against violent anti-freedom leftists, and defense against home invasion by violent leftist pets.

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