Yesterday’s Spinal Wars, and Today’s Sunlight Wars

yesterday's spinal wars, and today's sunlight wars

It is said that the God who created reasonable, honest people as well as vapid, effeminate atheists—he will give us only what we can handle.

So many parents of today’s generations were and are so cowardly and slavish, and so much of today’s generations thus so vain and effeminate, that the revolutionary of this moment—the radical of this very day—is simply someone who dares to step outdoors.

Only so many lost generations of satanic losers and godless weaklings could arise before this inevitable cultural culling and social reset: today’s plague and flood. Now, yesterday’s Spinal Wars have become today’s Sunlight Wars. And yesterday’s battles to stand up from a desk—to reject mandatory sedentariness—have become today’s battles to step outside for sunshine.

Today’s freedom fighter of the Sunlight Wars—that warrior who dares to go outside—is descended directly from the warrior-spirit of yesterday’s Sedentary Wars, whose freedom-fighters dared to stand up—from their school’s desk or office’s cubicle—and tighten more than allowed.

The inattentive of the Spinal Wars’ sedentary battles termed the much-neglected tightening as “stretching”—a mischaraterization which missed and masked that the sedentary battles of the Spinal Wars did not “tighten” docile slaves and slaves-in-training into the death we saw them living, but rather, the sedentariness loosened them—destabilized them—into that shadow and shell of their potential self. They were not “spineless”—they had spines. But their spines were so destabilized by forced-sedentariness that they may as well have been spineless.

Thus, in the slavery-incubators in and around public schools during the Spinal Wars, desperate slave-masters conspired to shame and defame those “dropouts” who broke free before indoctrinated fully enough into priorities of docility, credulity, and sedentariness; and the blinks of tyrants who privatized public works sought to white-list those darkened heroes who fought for the shade of more than a thin, long life squandered into ruthlessly managed decline.

Just as the effeminate rats and snakes of the Spinal Wars conspired to manufacture failure among those healthy fewer and fewer who rejected the full two decades of sedentary indoctrination—so too, today’s weasels and whores of the Sunlight Wars whisper and whine gossip into their digital pillories—hoping to earn outdoor time by snitching out those stealing sunlight.

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