Kim Kardashian, of Big-butt Fame, Uses Her Star-power Among Losers to Free Murderer Alexis Martin

An open non-secret is that plenty people in the legal profession are far from interested in morality—rather, interested only in persuasion, politics, and lying to get their way.

Another, lesser-known secret is that legal avenues—especially law schools—in the U.S. are entirely infested with book-smart, brain-dead losers, whose knowledge is generally as far from wisdom as possible or even imaginable.

And a third non-secret is that among the goofs and losers who bumble through law school to get a license to lie and mislead for a living: a significant over-representation (and growing) of them—are laughably weak-minded, stunningly incompetent women.

Crap women’s common presence in the mill for lazy liars that is so often law school—this should surprise no one in a society with, for example, ubiquitous child-murder rights and a persistent and manifestly false gender wage-gap myth.

And that such a society would make a celebrity of Kim Kardashian—this, too, should surprise none. Kardashian is famous for having a big butt, having a suicidal tranny step-dad named Bruce, and having sex with black guys on camera for money and attention. Jokes somewhat aside, Kardashian’s résumé does makes her about as qualified to speak on law as the average self-absorbed she-graduate from a law school.

Hence, we have the latest Kim K campaign, where the ugly, painted, plastic nothing vied for the freedom of a murderer named Alexis Martin. And the same controlled distraction-media that feeds Kardashian to the nation’s many failed daughters—they are painting murderer Martin as a victim, citing that she was willfully engaged in sex, drugs, prostitution, robbery, and murder at a young enough age where lawyers and other whores are pretending that she is not a degenerate murderer but rather a “sex-trafficking survivor.”

Thus, Kardashian successfully lobbied Ohio’s eunuch governor, who agreed to suspend consequences for a murderer who—after her book tour—will likely go on to shine in a similar way as famous victim Rodney King did: face down in his mansion’s pool, full of every drug he could find—dead at 47. Almost as if wrongful acquittals solve nothing.

Those born before the U.S. government orchestrated 911 to justify worldwide mayhem will remember Kim Kardashian’s real dad—Rob—as one of the lawyers who, at the same time as the Rodney King fraud, was inciting anti-white racist hysteria throughout the U.S. in the 1990’s, in a successful effort to bypass consequences in court for murderer OJ Simpson.

Simpson was and is an unarmed black murderer who was getting his life back together while on trial for—and clearly guilty of—nearly decapitating his white ex-wife when he beat and stabbed her to death along with her white boyfriend. Clearly-guilty Simpson got away with practically cutting off his wife’s head. When the news media broadcasted the black-on-white murderer’s not-guilty verdict throughout the nation: more than a few insane, racist black people literally danced in the streets—celebrating the murder of a white woman and man, and the political lynching of justice.

(Later that day, the abortion clinics were again filled with some of the million or more black women who would murder their child that year for convenience.)

Chris Rock—among other black comedians—routinely makes “jokes” about how OJ was clearly guilty, and that OJ getting away with torturing and killing a white woman was a form of reparations for the slavery fantasies to which so many insane black (and white) American losers are addicted. And any time a black comedian tells a “yeah, dat nigga kilt dat white bitch!” joke: howls of racist, simian laughter ring out from among audiences filled with the kind of black guys that Kim Kardashian has sex with on camera for money and attention.

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