Muslims and Mexicans Will Take it From Here

“Restaurants and Bars, Restaurants and Bars, Restaurants and Bars, Restaurants and Bars, Restaurants and Bars, Restaurants and Bars, Restaurants and Bars, Restaurants and Bars, Restaurants and Bars—sit still, dying alone, and wait for Restaurants and Bars!”
—The New World Order

OK, OK!—we get it: in these satanists’ impossible utopia, there are no homemakers, because there are no families, and everyone is a drunkard. So “Restaurants and Bars.”

And all the businesses will be run by heroically sterilized step-dad eunuchs and empowered, man-hating, self-hating, child-abusing “single mothers.”

Because no one will adjust in response to overconfident satanists beginning to reveal themselves: they will all be too afraid of being branded the next ism that satanists invent.

And the whole world will be like the cowardly, weak, vain, distracted black parents of New York—who obey the statewide genocide programs of atheist pseudo-Jews: and murder one of every two conceived children in the womb.

“It works against the weakest, cowardliest people in the history of the world—those whose big strategy is to murder their children in order to earn the privilege to beg and slave for crumbs—therefore it must work against everyone else! Because statistics!”

These satanists sure love misleading each other with statistics.

Good luck with that. Feel free to hold your breath.

Meanwhile, in the real world: the New World Order’s minders and cheerleaders are all impotent, aimless, slithering, suicidal losers—and rapidly returning to dust.

And the last thing to which these effeminate, death-worshiping pseudo-Christian and pseudo-Jewish atheists will cling:

“Oh no! Muslims are bringing their principles—and Mexicans are bringing their families! And the families and principles of Muslims and Mexicans are fast becoming the law of the land! But what about our white and delightsome worship of sodomy, degeneracy, deceit, divorce, and decline: our aim to cleanse the earth of people non-essential to our misanthropic, bourgeois reset and redesign!?”

Don’t worry doomed, damned, satanic puppets: you lose. So just go, sterilized and proudly stupid, and have a meal at a restaurant and a drink at a bar. Muslims and Mexicans will take it from here.

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