A Life Consumed by Digital Nothing: the Example Set for the Posterity of so Many Millennials & Zoomers

The generations known as “Millennials” & “Zoomers” will be leaving, to their descendants, a most awkward theory of what matters in life—something like the following:

“It’s not what’s outside that counts—it’s what’s inside. And what’s inside is whatever anyone decides, from one moment to the next, to display on the outside.

“And drowning in mind-numbing material possession can make you happy—as long as you remember to take all your thought-blocking medications.

“But what will make you happiest of all is to masturbate away your life with your face in a screen—as a coward, fraud, and failure who is constantly and permanently pretending to be either:

“(a) too busy to engage—or even notice—the real world; or else
(b) dutifully documenting places and events that you will never revisit, nor about which will you ever even reminisce (given that you will have no authentic experiences or memories to look back upon—only the same visual frame as so many other times in your life: a cracked screen splattered in bright, flashing, frantic, addictive, digital nothing—with a periphery of everything you will never again pass up as you pass by, while passing away).”

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