World’s New Order COVID Reclassification Update: “Undue Burden fetus” is now “Non-essential Child”

In 1973, a white Republican man on the U.S. Supreme Court wrote the decision for Roe v. Wade, and declared it illegal to make laws that inconvenience women who want to murder their unborn child. For decades since then, government’s Prevented Parenthood extermination program referred to unborn people targeted for murder as “undue burdens” and “fetuses.” From Roe v. Wade to today, the euphemisms of “undue burden” and “fetus” served well to mask the nature of more than 60,000,000 convenient murders in the USA.

However, recent events have expanded and strengthened the slave-state and the state of slaves. This expanding and strengthening highlights a need to progress in the terminology of government-sponsored genocide. Thus, an unborn person targeted to be murdered in the womb is hereby reclassified from “undue burden fetus” to “non-essential child.”

Reclassifying “undue burden fetus” to “non-essential child” will serve several purposes.

First, reclassifying “undue burden fetus” to “non-essential child” will streamline categories. For decades, an empowered slave was murdering an “undue burden” or a “fetus.” This is a lot of weird words. Now, with the improved classification for mass-murder: a non-essential slave is murdering a non-essential child. This makes discussions of government-sponsored genocide simpler, because less words are used.

Second, reclassifying “undue burden fetus” to “non-essential child” will remove confusion among satanic cogs, where the Latin “fetus” caused confusion in the cult of scientism, because eventually the satanic cogs learned that “fetus” is just Latin for “offspring” aka “child.” So as cowardly satanic cogs in the cult of scientism grew in their knowledge of the obvious, more and more satanic cogs knew that “fetus” just means “child.” Because too few satanic cogs are now credulously convinced that “fetus” is different than “child,” the cowardly satanic cog slaves are forced to adjust their justifications for the mass-murder of children. But adjustment causes thinking—and thinking is dangerous. So it is important to do satanic cogs’ thinking for them, by avoiding the fetus/child conflict. Therefore, “fetus” is now called simply “child.”

Many other benefits will arise by reclassifying “undue burden fetus” to “non-essential child.” For now, though, we focus on a third and final benefit. The third benefit to reclassifying “undue burden fetus” to “non-essential child” is to acknowledge, and leverage, that we are in a new era—and the new cowardly satanic slave cogs are completely comfortable with the mass-murder of children. Millions of today’s satanic cogs were raised, their whole lives, by a generation of cowardly satanic slave cogs and their satanic ZOG overlord traitors in government. So the need to hide “child murder” as “fetus removal” or any other euphemism: the purpose behind this need has ended. Now, enough of the target demographic—cowardly, satanic slaves—are completely comfortable discussing openly the virtues of mass-murdering unimportant children. So it is both possible and useful to end all euphemisms and speak openly of the actual goal: the mass-murder of unimportant people.

As non-essentials sit around waiting patiently and obediently for an update on the laws about going outside and interacting with others, it is important to remind cowardly, docile slaves that non-essential children should not go unmurdered during this transition to a more open, severe form of worldwide slavery. Remember to stay inside and do as you’re told. Government knows what is good for you. But also remember: if you are non-essential, then you are allowed to leave your COVID cell and travel to government’s Prevented Parenthood to murder your non-essential child. Stand by for further updates as they become necessary.

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