Guess How Many People the Upcoming COVID Vaccine Will Injure or Kill

You will predict that the upcoming COVID vaccine will injure or kill only about eight thousand people worldwide, if you believe the most recent data report of USA’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), through the U.S. Department of Health (DoH).[1]

According to the DoH, it sifted the last several thousands of claims brought to the VICP from among the many more claims that the program rejected or that otherwise fell through.[2] The DoH also reports that when someone was injured or killed by a vaccine, the average time between filing a cliam until payment for the vaccine-caused injury or death—was two to three years.[3]

To believe that the DoH figures would accurately predict the death and injury brought by a vaccine for the COVID scam, you must assume each of the following, with a faith no short of religious:

(1) that the DoH truly did account for at least most of the people whom vaccines injured or killed (i.e. that the number of people who simply suffered or died in silence from a vaccine, with their injury or death unreported as vaccine related—those people were a small enough number so as to be statistically insignificant injured or dead people);

(2) that the two to three year wait until restitution for vaccine-caused injury or death never resulted in the death of a vaccine-damaged claimant, or the giving up of the spouse, children, or parents of a vaccine-killed person;

(3) that the DoH’s stated goal for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan—”to ensure a stable vaccine supply by limiting liability for vaccine manufacturers and vaccine administrators”[4]—this goal never causes greedy people to do secretive things, even evil things;

(3) that slave-states like China mean well and just want a vaccine to help their slaves heal;

(4) that the countless forced sterilizations in Africa under the pretext of vaccination[5] reflect not at all on the kind of people who seek to normalize their unexplained, dubious solutions to the scamdemics and plandemics that they, themselves, create.


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5. See, e.g., Population Research Institute, Who’s behind the program to sterilize Kenyan women without their consent? 27 Kenyan bishops have an idea (2014) available at

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