The American Dream

In 1848, a decade and a half before New Yorkers in the slave-owning north rioted to resist the draft for Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression, the U.S. won a war of eastern aggression and, for its victory, annexed most of Mexico.

Then Mormons and other American heathens began flooding into Mexico and displacing the conquered. Meanwhile, back in the East, thousands of black slave owners were losing their slaves to the expanded plantation’s burgeoning prison-industrial-complex.

Lincoln then ended the U.S. and, in its place, installed centralized hegemony, conceived in tyranny, and dedicated to the proposition that all states were created equally subordinate to the new national government, as a nation not of laws but of men.

Zionist atheists then formally hijacked the nation’s monetary system, with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

At the same time, the new nation of men, having outlawed its predecessor’s “first amendment,” began caging Charles Schenck, Elizabeth Baer, and all others who dissented too openly against the nation’s newest military aggression—this time towards Germans, after the 1917 Zimmermann Telegram revealed that Germany was conspiring to help Mexico reclaim the land which the U.S. stole fair and square after war decades earlier.

After victory in the War of Western Aggression against Germany, American interests, through Zionist proxies, began gutting Germany as they had Mexico. A surviving soldier of Germany’s army rose to political prominence on a platform of rejecting the Zionist proxies of U.S.-enforced slavery in Germany. The revitalized Germany adopted an ancient Roman salute, and an ancient Buddhist symbol of eternity.

During the second war of western aggression against Germany, the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians, eradicating hundreds of thousands of innocent men and children. Then the U.S. and its Stalinist allies, disguising their war-planes as Red Cross humanitarian aid, bombed German supply-lines, leading to massive starvation and disease in Germany.

Once the U.S. and its Stalinist allies succeeded in their terrorism against Germany, the Americans and Stalinists frantically outlawed Roman salutes and Buddhist symbolism, and created the myth that widespread death in Germany happened not from the U.S. and Stalinists bombing supply-lines in Germany—but rather the death arose by a German “Final Solution.”

After the war, because precisely zero evidence supported their anti-German myths, the U.S. and its Stalinist allies built gas chambers that did not exist before, and, at a kangaroo-court in Nuremberg, presented the “confessions” of tortured Germans as evidence to support the U.S.-Stalinist myths about their defeated German foes.

Those myths later served as hate-filled atheists’ illogical basis to dispossess Jews and Arabs of land and liberty in Palestine. It was a dispossession declared by Britain’s Balfour, decades earlier in 1917—the same year an evil telegram had revealed that evil Germans had been plotting to recover U.S. land for evil Mexicans.

After much more U.S. war, a myth arose that the American dream was—and had always been—to live in peace. That peace, chaotic and hypocritical, then washed over many minds in California, where settled many of USA’s hyper-indoctrinated, book-smart, high-tec peasants.

Currently, during this “peace,” the California plantation’s most-trusted peasants work long, miserable hours, sequestered in huge, sterilized castles to build and proliferate massive, complicated, expensive weaponry for the corporatists whom General Smedly Butler had loathed—and the military-industrial-complex about which Germany-terrorizing General President Eisenhower had warned.

A moat of credulous police protects the California castles from the less useful peasants and less well-adjusted slaves.

Within these California castles, many low-level war-makers have no time, while asleep in their American dream, to raise their young or manage their homes and landscapes.

So for them, the war-machine created a program whereby peasants from among those conquered in 1848 can travel temporarily from Mexico to Mexicans’ ancestral home, to help the war-makers’ slaves manage their lives.

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