NAACP: National Association for the Advancement of Colored Predators (Philomath, Oregon, edition)

In 2018, during one of his last modern lynchings as a judicial hitman for Amerikkka, Oregon Judge David Connell refused to give unarmed black man Dominique Thornton “a second chance.” In a white courtroom in front of a white judge, the black victim asked simply: “I’m just asking for a second chance.”

The black victim had the support of Fredrick J. Edwards, the president of the local NAACP, who asked the hate-filled white judge: help Thornton get help—don’t just “put him in a cell.” The hate-filled craKKKa terrorist refused, and sent 28-year-old Thornton to prison for four years. Thorton’s only crime? Hate-fucking reparations out of an unwilling, underage, probably-racist white girl.

Upon hearing the racist verdict, Edwards and Thorton raised up their voices together, and paraphrased the timeless words of woman-beater Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I have a dream that one day, black men won’t go to jail for raping white kids.”

Here is that story:

Lillian Schrock, “Judge sends man to prison in Philomath rape case” (Corvallis Gazette-times, 2018)

And here is a story from a year before that, where NAACP President Edwards talked about the importance of pitying black people and demonizing white people:

Nathan Bruttell, “We’re not there yet” (Corvallis Gazette-times, 2017)

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