Hypocrite Americans Blaming Black Americans for Being Little Albert 2.0

A century ago, John B. Watson at Johns Hopkins University proved that he could torture a child—Little Albert—into fearing the color white in general, by terrorizing the child with harsh sounds alongside white things, like bunnies and rats.

Building on the child-torture research at Johns Hopkins University, the government-controlled media began mentally torturing black Americans into a fear of white—by harsh (and exceptional) news stories alongside white faces.

To blame Little Albert for his fear of the color white would seem insane to most people, since Little Albert was tortured into his unreasonable fear of the color white, by Satanists at Johns Hopkins University.

Yet it is business-as-usual to blame the many black Americans who fear white people, regardless that their fears (the unwarranted ones, not the warranted) arise through systematic mental torture by government-controlled media.

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