Anti-gun Hysteria vs Hiding Black Crime: Media Traitors’ New Balancing-act

This week, hate-fact factory Colin Flaherty released a podcast titled, “Lie That Most Mass Shooters Are White.” In the podcast, Flaherty fails to account for the fact that, in recent years, anti-gun nuts have expanded the definition of “mass shooting,” in order to escalate anti-gun, anti-self-defense hysteria among people who are too weak and lazy to pay attention. Now, the balancing act by traitors in the media is to expand the definition of “mass shooting” to include smaller and smaller shootings—without reporting that, by the new and misleading definition of mass shooting: blacks commit the vast majority of mass shootings.

In the end, the goal of Satanic traitors in the government is to terrorize blacks and whites (and everyone else), to justify a tighter and tighter slave-state when the terrorized people react. This is why “mass shootings” are being invented, through misleading definitions, then blamed not on the tiny fraction of black and white Americans who commit the shootings—but on blacks or whites generally, to justify further disarming law-abiding citizens, in order to prevent resistance against government tyranny.

“Colin Flaherty Podcast: Lie That Most Mass Shooters Are White”

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