Techneck and Screenbrain: Let It End In You (Screen Obsession is Solitary Confinement to Cells that Kill Body and Mind)

There are those who have chosen to be childless, leisure-addicted losers. No message of life and health is for them. They are already dead.

For those men and women responsible enough to create and teach children, there is a message about the body and a message about the mind. The body message comes from a generation of chiropractic doctors and physical therapy doctors. The body message is not very focused yet, but clear enough: let techneck end in you. Meanwhile, the mind message comes from all good parents—the only real psychologists—and the mind message is perfectly clear: screenbrain is as bad as any other disease.

Cellphones, for many, have become digital slot-machines which, by design, drain minds, cripple bodies, and ruin first willingness, then ability, to give focused attention. The pocketed supercomputer tempts a constant attention that becomes a constant distraction, which numbs the mind to space, time—and posture.

Cellphones, with fewer and fewer exceptions are postural pornography: twisting the body as tightly and destructively as sexual pornography tightens and destroys the mind.

To the inattentive, sexual pornography is a unique, separate suicide offered by ubiquitous, pocketed supercomputers. But anything addictive can be usefully considered a genre of pornography, when it substitutes indulgence for introspection, and trains the greed of distraction over the health of attention.

Only parents can train children’s foundation in the habits of attention and other health. Yet every generation has its dead, failed, childless parts of society that tempt and lure many parents into being bad parents—tempt and lure them into believing that children can build and grow by being as celebrity-obsessed as even the most pitiful, childless losers. The dead, failed, childless parts of society tempt and lure parents into believing that celebrities can substitute for parents to raise children.

In the real world, outside of dead Hollywood and its many evil echoes, children learn most of all from their parents. In every case where Hollywood preaches that children already know more and better than their parents, natural law reminds that children are as short-sighted as the most self-assured feminist, and children are as poor at long-term strategy as a suicidal, self-hating man in a wig who pretends to be “transgender” (or a foolish female hypocrite who hates motherhood, refuses to be a real woman, and instead pretends to be a cop or soldier or scientist or politician). For perspective and foresight (and much else), children need their parents.

Celebrities are whores. That is all they are. Celebrity whores will never share the doctors’ message against techneck, nor will the whores share psychologists’ message against screenbrain—because the whores are too busy benefitting themselves, through their corporate masters, by the slow suicide of this generation: screen addiction, which is simply an addiction to dim distraction—protracted procrastination among those who hide from life.

Good parents look past the childless, leisure-addicted, celebrity-obsessed losers: these losers are already dead, as they bite at the minds of your living children. Good parents reject celebrity as a concept, because celebrity is only the worship of idols, which can only birth bad and gut good. Addiction to distraction is an immoral disease. One symptom is an obsession with digital drugs. One consequence is the silly-sounding “techneck,” which is killing bodies. Another consequence is screenbrain, which is killing minds.

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