Foolish Hatred of Real Diversity: Men’s Natural Risk Awareness, and Women’s Natural Risk Aversion—vs Unnatural Faith in U.S. Democrat Hegemony

Intelligent, stable investors accept only risks that offer greater and likely rewards. In economic investment, diversity is a key tool to managing risk: by properly “diversifying” their investments, an investor spreads out their investment across a variety of types—for example, diverse industries (tech, mining, manufacturing, race-baiting, etc.), or diverse elements (gold, silver, Haitian mud-pies, semen for the artificial insemination of man-hating lesbians, etc.), or diverse corporations (Apple, Microsoft,, Margaret Sanger’s Prevented Parenthood, etc.).

Investors typically invest in stocks. And these stocks rise and fall because the stocks represent various economic interests, each of which rises and falls throughout the days, years, and decades. The goal of diverse investment is to be sure that, on balance, your wealth is at least stable, if not increasing: your stock in tech is rising, which counterbalances your falling stock in mining; your gold is down, but your silver is up; Apple is going under, but is booming. In an investor’s heaven, his or xers stocks are all going up at once. Short of that ideal, diversification is the best bet.

A natural man is intelligent and risk-aware. A natural woman is intelligent and risk-averse. As long as a woman or man is not socially tortured and mentally castrated into being a fearful, stupid liar—both of the only two genders will avoid supporting the U.S. Democrat party, because despite its foolish obsession with diversity of skin color—the U.S. Democrat party absolutely hates diversity.

Everywhere you turn, there is a diversity-hating Democrat hating diversity. Take two obvious examples where Democrats constantly, frantically hate diversity: religion and speech.

Religion. In the empty head of a hate-filled Democrat, our society does not have diverse religious opinions—believers, skeptics, unbelievers, and the anti-religious. Instead, if you ask a Democrat, there are only secularists—and the only seeming exception are those should-be secularists who are too stupid to realize that there is only secularism, because they are not smart enough to realize that there is no God.

Speech. In the empty head of a hate-filled Democrat, there is not diversity of speech. For example, there is not “black” and “negro” and “colored person”—there is only “person of color.” Anything else is at least insensitive, if not hate-speech.

Participation in society is a series of investments. The sum of your social investments can be called your social portfolio. A social portfolio is strongest and securest through diverse social investments, i.e., an investment in social diversity. A diverse social investment can include an investment in free association, or an investment in freedom of conscience, or investment in the separation of governmental powers—generally, an investment in the U.S.-founding principle of limited government. But an investment in the modern U.S. Democrat party is an investment in the party’s centralized, hate-based hegemony: investment in the Democrat party is a huge investment against diversity.

Today, Democrats do not believe in diversity—they believe in the opposite of diversity: hegemony, the consolidation of power. Democrats—by their words and acts—hate free association, hate freedom of conscience, hate the separation of powers—and hate every other aspect of limited government.

Democrats’ foolish faith in consolidated power is worse than inherently risky—worse even than inherently dangerous: Democrats’ foolish faith in consolidated power is inherently destructive.

Thus, wherever you find a Democrat, there you will always mentally smell that Democrat’s political diaper—filled always with disgusting excuses for the Democrat destructiveness that predictably arises by Democrats’ anti-diversity, hate-based policies.

This is why a key requirement to being an effective Democrat is an ability and willingness to hide and obscure each and every destructive consequence of a foolish faith in consolidated power—a faith that arises by a foolish hatred of real diversity.

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