Abolition of Sanity

For peace, you must prepare for war, seek out and create war, concoct lies to justify war—and spend life swamped in the peace of war.

Constant joy and ease envelop the wife who disrupts and betrays her husband constantly, and the husband who evokes and tolerates that disease. Their happiness echoes in constant sighs, as contentment beams through darting eyes.

A lifeless choice congeals into a child, at the very moment a manic, murderous mother decides against convenient death. In that instant, a father’s protection shifts from evil to essential: then begins his privilege to act against threats to his child’s life and limb.

Enough allowance changes a woman into a man. Enough carving changes a man into a woman. Enough thrusts changes a rectum into a womb. Enough demand for function replaces removed organs.

God can earn authority by conforming his will to current social norms.

Billions of years ago, there was nothing—which exploded. Then it rained on the rocks, and the rocks gradually evolved into soup, and the soup gradually evolved into life. Then infinite random tornadoes sorted infinite piles of exploded, living nothing—and gradually built modern society. Religion is anti-science.

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