How To Be a Good Mom For a Boy

Hated by her son, hated by herself—placated, then pitied, then discarded by everyone else: bad moms are dying everywhere around us—suffocating by and for corrupt culture that sets up women for prideful, painful failure.

According to bad moms, raising a boy is hard—even horrible. But a bad mom’s inability to lead and love her son—and to be loved by him—is just one of plenty consequences of the fact that she never learned to be the four C’s that a boy needs: clear, concise, consistent, compassionate.

The challenge that lazy, incompetent moms face (besides the manifest fact that they are let to be lazy, incompetent women) is that it is infinitely easier to become a mom than to be a mom. To become a mom requires only that a woman creates, and clings to, an erection for a minute or two. To say the least, being more than a bad mom requires more than this.

The first step towards being a good mom to a boy—is being a good woman for the boy’s father. And the first step to being a good woman for a man—is to actively reject all the massive temptation from the losers and liars around her, who promise that she will be better off—and that they will stand by her—if she behaves like a tedious, unlikeable bitch. To say the least, they won’t.

Bad moms, at base, are simply hypocrites: they want to be treated well by those whom they treat poorly. No sane person expects to get away with such shit. But two key corruptions convince a bad mom to believe she is allowed to be an insane hypocrite:

(1) the Satanic, deceptive encouragement by her bitch friends—the misery that loves company;
(2) the Satanic, deceptive encouragement by bitch men, who never hold her to a standard higher than an ability to create, and cling to, an erection.

By these two kinds of bitches, a bad woman becomes a bad mom. She is set up for failure. Still, it is within her power to reject the set up. It is hard—because life is hard.

But if she commits to being clear, concise, consistent, and compassionate—then her son can stop hating her, she can stop hating herself, and a real man can agree to be with her. Otherwise, she will gradually die as she chooses to live: a gross, boring, pitiful, hypocritical, spiritually-ugly bad mom.

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