Revisiting Orlando’s Violent, Self-hating LGBTQPR Community

Infected with an awkwardly frantic hatred of a God they don’t even believe exists, countless bug-chasers and gift-givers continue to win gold for the LGBTQPR self-hate communities in Disease Olympics throughout the world.

Sassy, fun STD-swapping is a popular pastime among plenty in these self-hate communities—but sometimes being “born this way” backfires, as when harmless, happy rectum-renting leads to infamous homophobic hate-crimes.

One such case was when homosexual hero Matthew Shepard was beaten to death for being gay. Shepard—a crystal-meth-dealing, AIDS-infected prostitute—was actually beaten to death by two homosexuals (whom Shepard sometimes fucked) during a drug-deal-turned-robbery, but USA’s pro-death media is allergic to truth, so they invented Shepard’s Christ-like status among cowards and liars addicted to mimicking procreation with rectums—in order to continue hiding and masking the rampant violence within LGBTPR self-hate communities.

Another infamous incident of anti-gay hate happened in Florida on June 12, 2016, when a far right white-nationalist homophobic gun-nut named Omar “MAGA Country” Mateen killed 50 heroically homosexual illegal immigrants at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. Mateen, a homosexual Muslim addicted to steroids and brown men’s rectums, is reported to have committed his bigoted hate-crime because Christians don’t bake enough “gay wedding cakes” nor throw enough parades to celebrate suicidal sodomites. Meanwhile, in the real world, Omar Mateen was just a hate-filled suicidal homosexual taking revenge on homosexual illegals after being exposed to AIDS from a homosexual illegal whom Mateen had previously butt-fucked.

Across the nations, media-fed maggots declared “Stand with Orlando,” and other such nothing. Meanwhile, for years Orlando has been one of the nation’s leading epicenters of the deadly-disease trade perfected by self-hate communities of LGBTPR: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Pedophiles, and Rapists. Studies further indicate that the phrase “Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Pedophiles, and Rapists” so offends the suicidal losers of the LGBTPR community—that they completely “forget about” (ignore) the massive violence, disease, and suicide throughout the LGBTPR self-hate community, and instead focus on their hatred of reality and anyone who mentions it.

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