China’s Evil Slave-state, USA’s Evil Willful-blindness, and the Worldwide Karma of the COVID-19 “Corona Virus” Scam

My better-half’s best friend—”Auntie C.”—is one of those crazy middle-age hippies who has refused to shop at Walmart (long before the worldwide COVID coronavirus scam)—because “Walmart sells Chinese goods.”

To modern political-pet slaves, Auntie C.’s refusal sounds “racist”—because modern political-pet slaves are stupefied to the point of believing and parroting that locations—like China, Mexico, etc.—are races.

In the real world, I can recall growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s: plenty people openly and adamantly opposed Walmart—and always advocated alternatives—because of Walmart’s use of Chinese slave-labor to “cut costs and be more competitive” (while destroying countless small-businesses, and hollowing out whole towns).

But gradually, evil Chinese aristocrats, by coordinating with evil aristocrats in the U.S. and beyond, began to infest every one of Walmart’s competitors also. People everywhere started to notice how slavery permeated all other major businesses that were consumers’ only real alternatives to funding China’s slave-state through Walmart: those chains either bought from the Chinese slave-state, or else bought from some equally-terrible hell-hole, like Bangladesh or Honduras. Thus, there were fewer and fewer people like Auntie C.—and more and more people who simply bought everything they needed from Walmart, despite its obvious, huge ties to the slave-state of China.

China is a massive slave-state. The citizens of the United States, and other bourgeois shitholes, have known this for a very, very long time. Yet the U.S., for generations, has leveraged benefits from Chinese slavery, including by massive contracting for goods cheapened by China’s slave-wages, and, more recently, by Chinese funding of USA’s military aggression and terrorism throughout the world. In short: Evil economic whores in the U.S. ignore the evil Chinese government—whenever it suits them. Yet USA’s economic whores have, at times, raged loudly and hypocritically, when symptoms of slavery seep from China to the U.S.

This time, it’s the “Corona Virus” scam. Last time, it was “lead paint in Chinese toys.” Each time, USA’s economic whores excuse (in their own evil minds) a massive focus on how they suffer from the effects of Chinese slavery—while completely ignoring slavery as an institution in China.

With lead paint—the focus was on the plight of USA’s brats, who had been poisoning their children with toxic toys from China. Only a comparative peep was made in the USA about the Chinese child-slaves, who, while wasting away in their corporate cages, also were exposed to the poisonous toys.

Now, with the COVID scam: the germs of countless filthy Chinese slaves have, whether by karma or just probability, sling-shotted around the world—and into all the international ivory shitholes that gnaw on the carcass of Chinese slavery. It is a pity that the COVID Coronavirus is mostly a scam. Still, it is fitting, proper, and well-deserved that the COVID scam has arrested the hearts and minds of countless cowards throughout the world—gutless whores who have grown numb to leveraging economic benefits from Chinese slaves.

Meanwhile, what countless sanctimonious cowards will get out of that last paragraph is that I said Chinese slaves are “filthy”—which is “racist” because a location like China is somehow a race, according to modern political-pet slaves. And so modern political-pet slaves are far more interested in false, empty cries of racism—than the plight of filthy Chinese slaves, who become filthy (and massively suicidal) by horrible work-conditions in the massive slave-state of China.

So on go USA’s bourgeois bastards—cutting corners to cobble together a vain evil tower-of-cards: a fun-house-mirror-middle-class, where even poor people can afford to outsource parenting to cheap Chinese gadgets for endless babysitting (alongside Mexican slaves to nanny for the USA’s upper lower-class)—so that plutocratic patriarchs’ anti-woman feminism can seem to work on paper economically (it doesn’t), as traitors in the government continue to exchange women into the workforce as replacements for the men whom the traitors tempt, lie, and force into USA’s endless terrorism throughout the world. Meanwhile, slavery marches on—in the USA and beyond.


400 years of black American participation in slavery. In colonial America, thousands of the most useful, evil, industrious blacks were let to own some of the slaves sold by African slave-owners (through Arab and Jewish middlemen) to American aristocrats—white and black. Likewise: today, thousands of the most useful U.S. blacks (e.g. professional ball-bouncers and professional braggers) conspire with China’s slave-state to proliferate the slave-state’s products. One useful example is anti-white, racist, self-hating mulatto Colin Kaepernick—and his multimillion-dollar contract with China’s slave state, through Nike, while Kaepernick pretends to rage against the imaginary injustice suffered by USA’s countless hate-filled, racist, out-of-control blacks.

For more hate-facts, read Louis Farrakhan’s book, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” where Farrakhan antisemitically points out the massive role of Jews in the transatlantic slave-trade. Alternatively, you can read the Magna Carta, which hatefully outlawed Jewish usury against widows and children.

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