Privileges Over Solutions: Distraction and Seduction of Slave Sub-categories

In our slave state, one thing most addict slaves: privileges. In our slave state, to say a slave is part of a “protected class” is to say that the slave qualifies for a special set of privileges. Seduced and distracted by the shiny parts of privilege—the slave rarely notices that privilege is always a tradeoff: some upside, and a whole lot of downside.

In the least, anything freely received from the outside will not develop on the inside. So, for example, excessive protection—as a form of outward control—ends the development of self-control. An end to self-control necessarily means an end to more than a little self-discipline. Thus, as we readily see around us: the privilege of excessive protection necessarily destroys self-discipline.

However, this is true only among slaves—those for whom self-control serves only as self-preservation: no amount of protection, even in excess, will destroy the self-discipline of those who self-require such discipline as, for example, a method to fulfill a sense of duty.

But slaves, by definition, have a sense of duty only to their masters and no one else, not even themselves. So in the end, any privilege that a slave receives is to benefit not the slave itself but rather to benefit the master. Yet, again, privileges will—by definition—seduce and distract a slave, so that the slave’s mind refuses to notice that the privilege is indeed a tasty worm—but always with a hook.

The seduction and distraction of slaves by privilege tempts the slave to prefer privileges over solutions. We see this cleary among every kind of slave—whether white or black, male or female, normal or sexually deviant.

Some Examples:

A white male slave—seduced and distracted by the privilege of relative ease, comfort, and respect on the plantation—will not seek a solution to the much higher rate of suicide among white male slaves. Instead, the self-dstructive white male slave will chase the privilege of framing high rates of suicide as an indication that white male slaves are so heroically dutiful at delaying gratification—that they would rather self-murder than speak up for themselves spiritually.

A female slave—seduced and distracted by the privilege of relative deference to her hysterical moods—will not seek a solution to the fact that she is doomed to be a childless, sterilized, miserable, self-centered monster. Instead, the self-dstructive female slave will chase the privilege of framing self-mutilation and infanticide as “empowerment.”

A black slave—seduced and distracted by the privilege of being politically petted and socially pitied—will not seek a solution to the fact that the black slave is doomed to be a carnival-act of burlesque self-indulgence, where dumb, jealous non-blacks pay tickets to mentally masturbate to a black slave’s one-man spiritual gladiator show: charming, cool, charismatic self-destruction. Instead, the black slave will proudly chew of its own limbs, to prove black power to white predators.

Slave states, by design, addict slaves to various distracting, self-destructve privileges. But this self-destruction requires active cooperation by the slave itself: greed and vanity masked as a benefit, as the slave gladly grinds itself down to nothing for the sake of an evil master.

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