As the Digital-baby-sitter Generations Implode

Long before today’s lazy, over-worked parents began dooming so many young people to being dumb zombies cocooned in “smart technology,” the lazy, overworked parents of past generations comparably failed their children with TV.

The mentality was—and is—something like “as long as my kid’s face and mind are safely locked to the digital baby-sitter—he won’t get high, she won’t get pregnant, they won’t embarrass me.” Above all, this bad parenting was and is about lazy, cowardly, frantic parents carefully avoiding the criticism of (1) other bad parents, and (2) social and governmental minders.

This quiet chaos would have imploded sooner—but, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, technologically-retarded parents needed their neglected children’s help to set up email accounts. Yes: this all began by that. So began another era where countless bad parents began condemning their children to constant digital screens—because it was useful.

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