Charismatic, crying mulatto pleads his child-laced case for government tyranny

Charismatic, crying mulatto makes his child-laced case for government tyranny

Obama crying about the need for government to use its guns to confiscate the guns o of law-abiding citizens. Just a reminder about how there is no need for rights, when you have a crying mulatto who cares enough for you to cry like a psychopath on TV, and leverage kids as political props, to “argue” against the Constitution.

Obama leveraging children as political pornography.

Girl learns how to be cool—from an effeminate, Harvard-trained millionaire mulatto lawyer who was raised in Hawaii by his white grandparents.

The goofy millionaire mongrel dips out to go be cool somewhere else.

Who needs “rights”—when you have a charismatic, crying mulatto who knows what’s best for you and your family?

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