Raging for the Machine: The Blacks Whom White Supremacists Let Live

An extremely popular U.S. myth is that President Lincoln “freed the slaves.” Descending from that specific myth is the more general fantasy that government is in the business of giving gifts to its slaves.

Meanwhile, government is, by definition, simply a centralizing of power and a monopolization of violence. One example of government’s power and violence is USA’s current, ongoing mass-murder conspiracy, through Prevented Parented, to continue exterminating millions of black people (and other “undesirables” too—but especially blacks).

Government’s white supremacists (and its life-hating misanthropists generally) would more rapidly and totally exterminate its unwanted black citizens, but countless black Americans have a unique, useful psychosis—an eerie mix of misery and vanity—that makes them the perfect pawns and puppets to rage not against the machine (that would require humility, integrity, and foresight) but rather to rage alongside the machine: to rage for the machine.

Many U.S. blacks happily, haughtily rage for the machine. This pro-government rage almost always arises alongside an homage to that original pro-government fantasy: “Of course government is the answer!After all—Lincoln freed the slaves!”

I personally saw this docile, obedient, calculated, flailing rage firsthand for years, during my time in the military, as well as during more commonly recognized forms of incarceration: at the frontline of weasels and rats ready to bend over, and to be bent over for government—were always more than a few angry, docile, soulless morally-prostituting blacks, each seeming to suppose, as the saying somewhat goes, that it is “better to reign in the hell of slavery than to serve in the heaven of revolt.”

To be clear: plenty blacks—indeed most of them—wanted no part in participating with the government’s satanic machines—the military-industrial-complex, the prison-industrial-complex, etc. Plenty actively raged against the machines.

Nevertheless, an atmosphere of cowardly complicity continues to this day among countless U.S. slaves—black, white, and otherwise. Thus, if there is anything you must distrust as much as the zombified, procedural tyranny of hyper-indoctrinated white losers in USA’s white supremacist, white-trash deathcult—you should likewise plan to guard against the carefully selective viciousness of the U.S. government’s rabid, cowardly, docile black pawns and pets—the ones who are addicted to the rotten rewards that white-daddy government dangles over them as payment to rage for the machine.

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